Wednesday, February 22, 2006

fo' months

yep...4 months...
the magical number that was recently given to me by my fav co-conspirator in inner alchemy.
it will be interesting to see how these next 4 months unfold as changes take motion.
everything is so incredibly balanced right now.
i find myself laughing out loud very often these days.
at the world, at myself, at all of the problems we cause ourselves & perceive about ourselves which are nothing but projections, illusions.

i am almost....almost...frightened of the power of manifestation which i am currently exhibiting. I think i am going to do a bit more experimentation with it & see what happens. :)
no black magic, i promise!

craziness at work is still up in the air. not sure how long i will have the job...and at the same time being told that there is "great news" for me in regards to it, yet i have been waiting 2 days to find out what exactly this news is.
will i know my fate by the end of the week? we'll see!
of course, i have been wondering that for weeks.

i guess one of the things that is keeping me sane thru all of this is knowing that the possibilities that are presenting themselves are increasingly supportive & nurturing.
right on world! way to provide!
gotta say my heart keeps leading me in a very specific direction.
to a wonderful new friendship that has got me obsessed with teleportation ;^)
i'm looking forward to whatever is next cus i know it is going to be wonderful.

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