Saturday, February 25, 2006

now (in the abstract)

Well, the weekend is finally here & my world seems to be holding together beautifully.
I continue, amidst the chaos to keep perspective, to see possibilities, to recognize how lucky I am in so many ways.

A letting go has happened. Not of any thing in particular, although recent events sparked this.
Now it has become a general moving into the moment.
Finally, a relaxing, a calm, the ability to simply BE.
I am not worried about tomorrow, about what will happen.
I am here, now.
Yes, I still have hopes & desires, I am not going to give them up, they are fun! They are immensely enjoyable…
…as long as I do not cling to them!
It is the attachment that causes the problem.
So I move forward I the eternal now.
I enjoy the beauty, the blessings, the challenges that are with me now. That I am currently facing.
I can think and worry about the other problems that are for tomorrow when they come.
As for today…NOW, as I write this…I sit in Beans & Bagels…
Drinkin my maté, eatin some hummus on a bagel & listening to Moonstarr’s “Dupont” album.
And it kicks ass!
It’s all over the place in a great way.

Think it’s about time to head back to the pad for some mixin & playin…

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