Sunday, February 19, 2006

one step closer

things they are a changin....
we've moved one more step towards teleportation!
here's the link
excerpt from

"The first experimental demonstration of quantum telecloning has been achieved by scientists at the University of Tokyo, the Japan Science and Technology Agency, and the University of York. The work is reported in the latest issue of Physical Review Letters. Telecloning combines cloning (or copying) with teleportation (i.e., disembodied transport).

The scientists have succeeded in making the first remote copies of beams of laser light, by combining quantum cloning with quantum teleportation into a single experimental step. Telecloning is more efficient than any combination of teleportation and local cloning because it relies on a new form of quantum entanglement - multipartite entanglement."....

here's a little futurist foreshadowing by yours truly:
airlines and shipping industry throw huge protest over loss of business as their inefficient & outdated mode of business which they perform becomes increasingly less in demand. The worry is not immediate as it is predicted that it will take some time before the general populace is comfortable with using teleportaion as a main mode of sending & receiving goods and services.
the newly emerging teleportation shipping industry obliterates the need to ship objects via the old physical, high impact, high fuel, low efficiency, high deathrate methods of previous times. (REALLY THINK ABOUT THIS BIT)

In mental health news, the general population is having difficulty adjusting to the new relationship with time to which the new teleportation technology has given birth as nearly instant shipping comes online.
with the coming introduction of home based boxes for sending and receiving smaller inanimate objects, including groceries and everyday items, it is expected that this relatioship with time will be taken even further into abstraction, causing mental health problems in those who are not prepared for the changes in perception.

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