Tuesday, February 14, 2006

p is for...

perspective...something that it is sometimes way too easy to lose.
patience...the key to being at peace with existence, to relaxing into life.
possibilities...not being afraid of the unknown, living dangerously, openly, not needing to pin things down but to be open to the infinite.
purity...of intention, of motive, of breathe, of heart, of mind. it is one of the most integral elements of living an awakened loving life.
pineapple...cus they are tasty dammit!
panang curry...cus it is tasty too!
pineal gland...dat third eye...gotta get the calcification off o' dat thing. galactic wave's a comin'!
poop...everybody does it.
painting....something i need to start doing more of.
posting this blog...someting i am going to do right now so i can get on with my evening.


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