Thursday, March 02, 2006

bumbled & humbled

We all need a good humbling, a good smack in the face now & then.
I got a good one tonite. It was awesome.
j-dog! Way to go.
It was one heck of a talk about evolution, science, philosophy amongst other things.
Always good when I manage to catch her while she’s on the road.
Rare time when we can talk for a long period & not have any real distractions except for the occasional dropped signal.

It is good to have someone that I know will really REALLY challenge me.
The funniest part about the humbling I had tonight was that I was feelin pretty big shot today.
Total aries energy goin on.
I am amazed at how every time I ingest/digest these conversations that we have,
I have such profound insights, such effective realizations.
i bow before you j-dog! Haha.
Hit me with that stick when you know I need it!

this is going to be quite an interesting journey…

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