Wednesday, March 01, 2006

It is you, not the truth, which wears the veil

The mirror...
I've been realizing more & more recently that I cannot allow myself to believe how others perceive me. I must remember that I am a mirror, that what they see is as much or more of a reflection of their inner world than it is of my reality or potentiality.
it is all too easy to get caught up in the drama, the illusion of these limits that we impose on each other.
we hold on to our fear, of the idea of potential disaster & take all precautions, not realizing that by doing so that we may very well be creating the situation which we are not wanting to experience.
we are solidifying a potentiality, cocreating with the "quantum field" or "mind of god" or whatever one wishes to call it - nature -life - and determining the state of our own future as well as the pattern that we are imprinting onto the greater cosmic hologram.
this means that whatever we are holding inside of us, the programming, the illusions, the perceptions, are being projected, exist in all places at all times to varying degrees of definition (meaning resolution -clarity -depth).

everything we believe creates the world, determines the lens through which we focus our perception, which in turn determines how our bodies manifest & how we interact with the world around us and create our realities.
so it is very important to bring awareness to our choices when it come to our reality templates, our beliefs, our religions, our dogmas, our attitudes.
these things are the very devices, technologies which shape reality, which manifest our world, be it heaven or hell or somewhere inbetween.
as I read this morning... the truth does not wear the veil, it is all of us individually which wear it, otherwise if it was truth and not us that wears the veil, once it is removed everyone would be instantly enlightened as the truth would not be hidden from anyone.
instead, we each have to remove our own veils and be ready & willing to face the truth with clear unmediated eyes.
it's always there for everyone to see, experience. It is simply a matter of recognizing the presence of the veil & then choosing to remove it.
everyone has their own process, their own style, their own way of removing it. Some slowly, some instantly.
there is no right or wrong in this.
it simply is.
and the more we focus on being supportive rather than judgmental, the more relaxed and natural is the path for all of us.
the idea of enemy is illusion.
do not be fooled. It is shallow.
there are only the awakened & those who walk in their sleep.
focus on removing the ability for destructive action on large scale, not on destroying people who are learning the hard way. The problem is in the tools & technologies that are at the disposal of these lost zombies.
they have a right to be wrong, to make mistakes, to learn the hard way. We must simply take away the ability for them to harm so many in the process.
we must be compassionate.
instead of saying negatives such as "NO WAR" we should be focusing on positives like "YES PEACE".
be visionary.
you are needed.
now more than ever.

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