Thursday, March 09, 2006

the joy is in finding

here is a link to a 10 minute video of osho speaking on the journey, on how it is the finding rather than the having which enriches our lives.

it is a big file, so be patient, and if you do not have broadband, best to not even try as you will be downloading for a very long time!

also, here is a quote from "Journey Toward the Heart - Discources on the Sufi Way" which i just finished this is an old sufi story.

"Shibli was asked: 'Who guided you in the Path?'

Shibli said: 'A dog. One day I saw him, almost dead with thirst, standing by the water's edge.
Every time he looked at his reflection in the water he was frightened and withdrew, because he thought his reflection was another dog.
'Finally, such was his necessity, he cast away fear and leapt into the water; at which the reflection disappeared.
'The dog found that the obstacle, which was himself, the barrier between him and what he sought, melted away.
' In this same way, my own obstacle vanished when I knew that it was what I took to be my own self.
And my Way was first shown to me by the behaviour of - a dog'"

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