Monday, March 27, 2006

Keys update (long post)

Since there is not internet at the KW pad as I am writing this, it’s ended up being a small compilation of a couple of days posting, which I have been composing in word, so, I’ll break it up by date…

From March 23rd, 2006:

so...sittin here at in internet cafĂ© in key west as my friends’ internet is down at home (broken modem -doh!).
sweatin a little at 7:30 in the am.
gotta love it.
so fare the trip has been amazing.
the flight from Chicago was cake.
traffic around Miami sucked as i was driving out, but the drive thru the keys as amazing.
i have not had a good two lane highway drive like that in a long time & the fact that it was going out the keys made it that much more amazing.
windows down, warm air blowin in, the sun settin ahead of me....gotta love it.
arrived in KW around 7:30 in the evening and just kicked back on the back porch with mitch & casey shootin the shit.

cool thing's a camping trip too!
rockin the backyard tent, yo.

on wednesday I got to go out to a super exclusive small island called "Little Palms" if i remember right.
Mitch had to go put a bid in on a painting job out there.
so, we took a nice half hour ride in teh jeep to another key from which we were ferried via a small boat out to that island.
tons of herons & pelicans there and even a key deer. nothing like being right in the middle of the wild shit right away.
i guess this little island is so exclusive that they have a “ten second rule” - that is, the help/staff cannot look at the guests for more than ten seconds unless the guests have taken the initiative to interact. Crazy.
I guess the guests are mostly there on the weekends though cus I did not see any while I was there.
Man, if I could stay a few more weeks, I’d be helping mitch with that paint job, takin that boat ride out there 5 days a week & workin in the sun.
So, anyone wanna work my job, take care of noona, and show Nichelle around Chicago next week when she is stayin at my place in Chi-town?
cus I’d be staying for that work if I could!

It’s crazy how technology has changed things.
Who woulda thought that I’d be finishing up one of my songs on my laptop in a tent in the backyard in the middle of the night in key west?
Maybe it is time to make a “key west album”?
I brought my Korg ES1 and the Trigger Finger (which I just sold to Mitch last night to get him goin on the MIDI con troller tip).
Wishin I would have brought the x-station, but oh, well….

It’s funny how the boys keep askin what I want to do while I am here. My response seems to always be “relax”.
I’m not one of those vacationers that has everything lined up – gotta do this, then this…then this…
One thing that I know has to happen is some kayaking with mitch.
Beyond that, ‘bout all I am worried about is makin sure I get to the CO-OP event in Miami on Friday.
Looks like that may be a sweet jeep ride back & forth up the keys too…unless mitch is wanting to bus it. Hmmmm
More later ….

March 26th:
Wow…SO much to write.
The trip to Miami was quite an adventure!
Ended up going solo & finding a travel companion named Kat on the bus ride to Miami.
But let me backtrack a little first.
It’s been great stayin out in the backyard. We grilled up some salmon & asparagus on the grill the other night for dinner…yum.
Just hangin out, great conversation, listenin to music…etc.

So, back to the trip…
The busride ‘tween the keys & Miami is so easy & relaxed. Hardly notice that it is a 4 hour ride.
There’s a stop at about the midpoint in Islamarada at a BK, but I was turned onto a great alternative by Kat which is a small Mediterranean take out place. A little pricey but HUGE portions. I could only eat half of my sandwiches from there, falafel the first time, teriyaki chicken with pineapple & swiss on the way back. I’l be goin in again on my way home on Tuesday.
A Virgo from San Fran & remindin me a bit of the wilder younger stories I’d heard from Stacie & there were a lot of similarities there.
We talked pretty much the whole bus trip. She was headin to the WMC as well, except she had full luggage & no hotel room to go to. This became an issue when we got in to Miami as the downtown bus station was pretty much n ld shack.
We ended up renting a car (I did) so we could get around & to the Co-op event which she decided to go to with me.
We were cruising around in a P/T Cruiser. It was a decent ride.
I’ll tell ya though, Miami is FUCKED when it comes to street names. All numbers so there is for example a 40th ave. 40th st. NW and SE and N and it is confusing as all hell, so we torally ended up headin through the firkin ghetto for awhile & finally ended up finding the District (the club where the Co-Op event was).
We got there at around 7:30- 8:00 and the place was gorgeous. What a nice club.
You enter into an open courtyard with a fountain in the center & Japanese style benches around all of the corners. The main stage was set up at one end of the courtyard & the other end led into the “red room” which was the dance/dj lounge.
The back of the club had the main bar, restrooms and a dining area that converted into the lounge area once the kitchen closed.
Beautiful place.
So, when we got there kat went into the bathroom and cleaned up & got dressed for the evening while I kicked back & had a bear in the courtyard & started lookin at a menu.
The Double J attack from Detroit was setting up their gear on the stage & when done Jeremy saw me & recognized me enough to come ask what my name was & talk a bit.
Kat returned, we got some food and really frikkin good strong coffee & just kicked back & shared stories.
She’s been on the road for 2 months. A sculptor, costume designer, photographer.
She was interesting but I could sense a tweakiness I was not necessarily wanting to deal with too, and I was finding myself responsible for her luggage & her as the care was rented in my name (she gave me her part of the $ in advance so don’t think I wasn’t bein smart.)
But we were havin a good time. Met a bunch of women from the neighborhood that came in, unfortunately the only names I remember are the 2 Carmens, one of which , although a lesbian, was totally enamored with me & I with her too – I gave her my contact info & hope she gets in contact! It was a very touchy feely on the more playful innocent side kinda thing happening & it was oh so damn nice.
Her energy calmed me & made me feel great.
And she was totally lookin out for me too.
Even would have let me (actually both Kat & I) stay at her place that night if it were not for a breakup/divorce that she was going through with her partner.
So damn nice.
I hope to see her again sometime.
We were so into each other that I even found myself at one point jokin with her that she was makin me wish I was a woman to which I go the response, “baby, if you were a woman I’d be marrying you”
Damn. lol
I did not realize til after that night that I had been completely surrounded by women most of the evening.
Also talked to John Arnold, who I have to say is an unbelievably cool guy. I pretty much felt like he was welcoming me into the music community.
Passed out cdr’s to quite a few people & had some wonderful conversations.
the music was great. J&J’s set was of the hook as always & it was funy to see so many jaws dropping as people watched then rock out in their freestyle fashion.
Mark de Clive Lowe’s set was equally as impressive and also freestyle and included a percussionist & BembĂ© Segue on vocals as well as this chick from Hoboken who I’d talked to earlier (unfortunately cannot remember her name – was very cool) rockin the flute (and yes I just said rockin the flute).
It got really chilly for short sleeves and by the end of the evening – somewhere around 5am, I was pretty damn chilled to the bone.
Said goodbye to all of the new peeps & Kat & I drove out to the airport area to try to find her a room as I wanted to go ahead & turn in the car & head back to KW.
We found a holiday in out there & she went in & came out about 45 minutes later only to say that there were no rooms anywhere in town (which did not surprise me one bit.) so we pulled into the parking lot & kicked back in the car to rest for awhile.
She went in to use the restroom at some time around 7am and came back to say that the guy working was going to give us one of the rooms that people had just checked out of for the morning.
I had rested enough that I was just wanting to go turn the car in & get on the bus back to KW. She was upset that I did not want to come in.
But she managed to chill out & said she did not want to get into a fight with me on my birthday. So I dropped her & her stuff & took off.
Oh..almost forgot…the whole time we were parked I could see the enterprise place right across the street.
So, within 15 minutes I was on the shuttle to the airport to where I could pick up the bus.
Of course, I had missed the 6:45 by almost an hour, so I had to wait until the 12:45, so that was a lot of chillin out time at the airport on no sleep except for the half sleep in the car.
The bus trip back was relaxing & talked to various happy birthday callers both friend & family.
Walked back to the pad from the KW airport bus dropoff & then hung out with casey & a couple of M&C’s friends Nigel & Chris.
Slept like a log last night & have been helping prepare for the birthday cookout for mitch this afternoon.

There are more details to all of the kat story, and no, no hookup there, just partners in crime for an evening…
But I’ll leave those details for the personal conversations with all of my friends so I can give all of the color to the thing.
I do not think I am going to be ready to go home on Tuesday…

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