Thursday, March 09, 2006

looking backwards is backwards

if evolution is a truth, and for this point i will accept that it is,
then why would we ever look backwards for answers? for guidance?
If evolution is the truth then every generation is more capable, brighter, and more embedded within a symbiotic relationship with the world around them.
There should be no looking backwrds, but only a feedback loop with the NOW, the present, as that is the ONLY world in which we actually exist, in which we pretend at objectivity (and the term objectivity should be suspect as reality is an ongoing everchanging process, which means that verbs - actions are the standard, not nouns or objects.the static state = death. objects are just temporary technologies for interaction).
They, by definition, should be naturally more capable of existing in a balanced manner with reality as a matter of course, without any effort whatsoever.
The more effort, the more "problem solving" which must occur, the more human control of environment that must occur, the less we are in communion with the world around us.
We must ask ourselves what exactly is at the root of this need to control? what part of our beings creates this situation?
Which reality templates have been created that support it & promote it?
If it is not the case that we are increasingly capable of living in a natural flowing balance with our surroundings, could one not argue that we are devolving?
that we are becoming less & less capable of using our present resources in a balanced way?
that we are less & less in a cocreative dialogue with the world around us, with ourselves?

and remember this...
the only being that can be a true scientist is an enlightened being, one who has passed into the realm of no mind.
Because if there is any mind, any idea or preconceived notion about things, there cannot be true objectivity because there is already a belief present.
and this belief, no matter how infinitismal in nature, determines the state in which reality will manifest to the observer.
the belief, the lens,the perception determines the reality.

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