Thursday, March 16, 2006

not only do i gotzta, i AM!

yep...bought my tick to miami tonite & am goin to take the greyhound 'tween there & key west.
tuesday to tuesday, with a trip back to miami for the co-op event on friday/saturday.
worth the extra 8 hours on the frikkin bus! (i'll be sleepin those last 4 back to KW)
i can hardly wait.
kick back in the sun, the ocean...
i have needed this for sooooo long.
happy birthday to me mooterfookers!
wonder if i am going to have a job to come back to...
guess we will see...
if not, what a way to start fresh.

i'm sure maestro mitch & myself will have some deep recording sessions.
gotta figure out what gear to take to pack it...
so much to do before then.
better get some rest first...laterz.....

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