Sunday, March 12, 2006

peaceful & tired

had quite a weekend.
my friend Michelle was in from MN which was really awesome as i had not seen her in quite some time.
We had dinner with friends,
lots of great conversation,
chai that left us saying "why?"
dancin till the wee hours,
and an incredible brunch.
i was sad to see her go home today, but it just gives me another reason for a roadtrip!

so tired tonite after all of the activities, but it was so damn worth it.
leaving me with many things on my mind.
it's always good to come away from time with friends inspired & renewed.
i just need a good night's sleep after all of that dancing last night.

i've also been working on final versions of some of my newer songs. coming along slowly but extremely well. always good to surprise one's self.
time for rest...
more tomorrow?...

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