Sunday, April 30, 2006

real cost of oil

i laugh every time i hear people whine about the cost of gas. what makes you think that you or anyone has the RIGHT to cheap fuel? especially when you may commute 30 miles a day to & from work?
how long must we continue to pretend that we are living in a life supporting way when we are actually heading straight into economic & ecologic system collapse/transfromation?
yes, we are born into a system which does all it can in an attempt to control/guide the way in which we live & move.but remember, in the end, it is you who chooses your spacial/energetic relationships.
no, the oil companies do not deserve to have exceedingly huge profits.(do not forget about the subsidies they get from the government. this is the ONLY reason you gas seems less expensive. your actual cost is being hidden in taxes)
but it is time for a reality check.
the following is an excerpt from R. Buckminster Fuller's book Critical Path. I do not agree with all of his ideas & consider him to be well intentioned but too industrially minded (a product of the times he lived within), but the folowing rang out loud & clear to me:

"It was World Game that asked one of the world’s greatest oil geologists, Francois de Chadenedes, if he could write an accurate scenario of nature producing petroleum on planet Earth through the photosynthetic transformation-into-hydrocarbon of Sun radiation by the vegetation and algae and the succession of events following their transformation as the vegetation is consumed by other biologicals, or is transformed into various residues, all of which are blown by winds or washed by streams and gradually accumulate in various geographical locations and become progressively buried within the planet’s outer crust.
Thereafter there were various heats and pressures (caused by ice ages, etc.), earthquakes, or deep burial below water or soil until those chemical heats and pressure conditions occurred which are essential to the production of petroleum.
De Chadenedes said he could, and after a year he presented us with the scenario with all of its time increments and pressure conditions spelled out.
We then asked him to figure how much it would cost nature per each gallon of petroleum for that much pressure and heat for that much time, were it calculated at the retail rate for that much energy for that length of time as charged us by the public utilities.
The cost came to well over a million dollars per gallon.

Since World Game’s accounting system is that of the Universe’s own time-energy intertransforming requirements, we must accept as cosmically unquestionable this costing of petroleum, coal, and gas resources, which nature has been syntropically importing and accumulating on planet Earth in order, ten billion years hence, to turn the Earth into an energy-exporting (entropic) star.
For this reason World Game considers all fossil fuels to be nature’s own savings account, deposited in our "Earth bank" and not to be stolen by exploiters.
Everyone knows that we should live on our (energy) income and not our savings account.
Nor should we burn our capital-account production equipment in order to produce meter-marketable energy, for there will soon be no further production capability.
Atomic energy by fission or fusion constitutes burning our terrestrial production equipment.
As mentioned, World Game finds that 60 percent of all the jobs in the U.S.A. are not producing any real wealth—i.e., real life support. They are in fear-underwriting industries or are checking-on-other-checkers, etc. The majority of the jobs occasion the individuals using three to four gallons per day in their automobiles to go to and from work—at true cosmic costing this means four million dollars per worker per day. Obviously the computer finds that it would save the planet Earth’s energy account $500 trillion a day to give all the non-wealth-producing workers their full pay to stay at home.

for more on R. Buckminster Fuller , Critical Path, and World Game visit the Buckminster Fuller Institute

Saturday, April 29, 2006

new painting

the newest painting i am manifesting

not quite done yet...

anyone wanting to help me fund my move to key west by buying it? ;^)


so, i know i have not been postin much as of late, but i've been feeling rather silent, or maybe that rants aren't where it's at for me right now.
it's been relaxin time.
and it has been good.
i continue to go thru my stuff.
it is an interesting process.
have not gotten rid of much yet, but it's getting sorted.
the big fun for me right now was receiving my 10 pounds of yerba maté yesterday.
mmmm...i had been in withdrawl. SO much cheaper to buy in bulk!
j-dog is over in paris for a capoeira gathering right now...i can feel how far away she is.
missin her, thinkin about her a lot, hopin she is having a wonderful time.

lots of interesting thoughts brewing ...just not quite ready to write em out yet...

Friday, April 21, 2006

new mix

just put up a mix i did while waiting in miami international airport for my flight back to chicago from my trip to key west and the miami WMC.
I'll post a tracklisting shortly....
there's definitely some slop, but whatever, i was tired & it was on the fly....

Saturday, April 15, 2006

if the universe has no center...

if the universe has no center or edge, how the f*ck can scientists calculate the supposed "red shift" which is the foundation of the "big bang" theory?
doen't there have to be a centerpoint to measure from?
and what exactly are they using as the centerpoint for measuring this shift?
what are the reasons for choosing that as the "center"?
are all of the directional variances accounted for in relation to our own movement away from the center in relation to the vector movements of everything else?
would something moving in the same direction as we are from this supposed central point have no shift while those moving away have one reading & those moving to the "sides" or at a 90 degree angle in relation to our movement have yet another reading? (and all of the subtle variances in between at all angles)
is this how they triangulate this central point?
anyone?... anyone?
just wondering.....

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

what does one do....

...when they know that they love someone so much but cannot be near them?
expecially when they already live far away & you're moving even further away?
i guess enjoy what it is, celebrate it, and make the most of the times we actually get to see each other.
hopefully sometime soon!
there is nothing like feeling at home simply by hearing someone's voice.
it's amazing, reassuring.
so interesting how i never seem to be able to be with the ones i love the most!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

dorky list

every once in awhile kitten will post one of these lists on her blog and i'll feel the urge to do one myself.
may be a little of a time waster...but it gives ya a few little facts about me ya may not have known otherwise...
here we go...

Have you ever? Game:

Taken a picture naked?
don't think so...

Made out with a member of the same sex?
can't say that i have, even though i've been a straight man working at a gay bar for 13 years...

Gotten in a car with people you just met?
not that i remember, but i'm sure at some point it's possible.

Been in a fist fight?
No but i have taken a few punches and simply looked at the attacker like they were morons.

Had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back?
HAHAHAHAHAHAH, are you kidding? those who know me know the answer already..this seems to be a problem i have...loving women i cannot have. of course, that does not necessarily mean that the feelings aren't mutual..could mostly be situational.

Been arrested?

Ditched school to do something more fun?
No..closest was missing a weekend of football practice my sophmore year of HS in order to go on a 3 day bike tour. my coach was pissed at first but a few weeks later he told me how good it probably was & how much of a challenge to ride so many miles. he must have tried some long distance riding between those times. haha.

Seen someone die?
no, not the exact moment of passing, but i have been really close, including having to pull a friend off of her dead husband so that the paramedics could get to him.

Kissed a picture?
I'm sure in my awkward youth there was some of that. who's pic i do not remember.
i know i've kissed sweet p's pic a few times in recent years.(see previous question about loving someone who does not fel the same) haha. ;)

Slept in until 3?
been a loooong time since i've done anything like that. i am definitely a morning person.

Played dress up?
don't we all do this every day?

Felt an earthquake?
yeah i remember a little madrid fault shakin back when i lived in central illinois.

Had detention?
once, for harrassing a skinhead who i soon after made friends with. he ended up not really being a skinhead & i'd stupidly let a friend of mine cajole me into participating in this event.

Been in a car accident?
yeah..was in the passenger seat of a '67 camaro going to HS on an icey day... a schoolbus...the one that ran my route... could not stop quick enough & slid & wham! smashed the back end of that camaro! doh!
luckily the driver saw it coming & let off the brakes in time & managed to get us up onto the median when we got hit rather than smackin into the car in front of us.

Pole danced?
nope, but wouldn't that be a sight to see? haha

Been lost?
never of my own doing. oh wait...i take that back...just a few weeks ago in Miami. that place is screwed up when it comes to streetnames.

Sang karaoke?
Not yet.

Kissed in the rain?
yep. showered in the rain too. storms rock.

Sang in the shower?
if you haven't you are a pretty damn repressed individual.

Got your tongue stuck to a pole?
hell no.

Ever gone to school partially naked?
what is the definition of partially naked?

Played chicken?
Nope, but have definitely drag raced back when i had the '67 chevelle malibu (which i eventually completely disassembled removing everything but the glass)

Mooned/flashed someone?
I'm sure at some point there has been a mooning. when, i do not remember.

Forgotten someone’s name?
oh yeah...never forget a face, but not the best at remembering names.

Slept naked?
most of the time.

Blacked out from drinking?
nope. closest i came was a night which included a karaoke bar and meeting sweet p for the first time. i have discombobulated timeframes from that evening but i did not black out. half of a bottle of scotch will do that...

Felt like killing someone?
umm...not really...smackin 'em up a bit to knock some sense into them maybe...

Made a parent cry?
yeah, but not in a bad way.

Cried over someone?
many times but i recover rather quickly.

Had sex more than 10 times in a weekend?

Had/Have a dog?
we had a dog briefly when i was 6 or something like that but it scratched my sister d up a bit & my parents got rid of it. we did not have pets then. and now i am more of a cat man. (big love to noona!)

Been in a band?
nope. tried to get together a band in the early nineties but got sick of dealing with loser irresponsible musician types who would not show up & were too invested in their depressions to do anything, so i decided to go solo! check it here

Drank 25 sodas in a day?
can someone say...diabetes? no way jose

Shot a gun?
yep, actually the stepdad of the same kid who got me involved in harassing the "skinhead" was a parole officer & took us to the shooting range. got to shoot a .22 rifle and a .357 revolver. i was a little scared at how good of a shot i was!
recently i've been wanting to learn archery so that i can not be an archer.

now it is your turn...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

the process

so, i started to dig into "the corner" yesterday.
the corner is a special place in my apartment where boxes of random stuff have seemed to gather.
i got rid of an old dilapidated teacher's desk i was rockin for a few years a couple of months ago, and the contents of the super deep drawers mostly got thrown into a couple of boxes that i had yet to go thru.
i managed to pare it all down to a pretty small box. let go of a lot of things.
also organized my art supplies. a huge task.
the more i go through things, the more i realize i am really moving & that i do not really have as much stuff as most of my friends probably think. it is just that it is all rather haphazardly placed & random. since things aren't organized & are scattered around the apartment so randomly, it gives a feeling tht there is more there than there is.
it feels good to be starting to see blank spots in the apartment.
it is a great psychological reminder.
gotta save my $!
gotta let thigns go!
my stack o' stuff to sell keeps getting taller!

last night was chadd's bday party. good time. good food, good games.good peeps.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

all so surreal

as i start going thru my things & working thru my head all of the necessities it is going to take to get to Key West, life seems more &more surreal.
being in this in between place feels strange.
i do not quite know what to make of it.
makes for an interesting take on my present life as i feel disconnected from where i am at.
there is not much continuation here...
no female interests, no things to get a move on with deadlines...
all of them have been eclipsed by the move to the keys.
all else has become secondary.

it is going to be tough leaving friends behind.
especially new friendships that are just starting to be explored.
thank heavens there is the internet & mass communications.
makes it all that much easier, as i know that there will still be plenty of correspondence.
better yet...the hope to be a retreat for all of those friends who need to get away from the matrix for awhile...

now, if a few grand could just fall in my lap so i can get on with it....

any philanthropists out there wanting to invest in an artist/musician/neosannyasin's journey?
i promise the payoff will be worth it!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Did this scientist really suggest the extermination of 5 billion thru airborn ebola?

you've gotta be kidding.
i mean...i agree to a certain extent about how humanism & anthropomorphism has run amok, but it should be a matter of how we live rather than how many of us there are. gotta get past the simpleton view...always seems to be a problem for the academically minded...
is he really ready to commit mass genocide?...
here's a link to the article