Saturday, April 15, 2006

if the universe has no center...

if the universe has no center or edge, how the f*ck can scientists calculate the supposed "red shift" which is the foundation of the "big bang" theory?
doen't there have to be a centerpoint to measure from?
and what exactly are they using as the centerpoint for measuring this shift?
what are the reasons for choosing that as the "center"?
are all of the directional variances accounted for in relation to our own movement away from the center in relation to the vector movements of everything else?
would something moving in the same direction as we are from this supposed central point have no shift while those moving away have one reading & those moving to the "sides" or at a 90 degree angle in relation to our movement have yet another reading? (and all of the subtle variances in between at all angles)
is this how they triangulate this central point?
anyone?... anyone?
just wondering.....

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