Saturday, April 29, 2006


so, i know i have not been postin much as of late, but i've been feeling rather silent, or maybe that rants aren't where it's at for me right now.
it's been relaxin time.
and it has been good.
i continue to go thru my stuff.
it is an interesting process.
have not gotten rid of much yet, but it's getting sorted.
the big fun for me right now was receiving my 10 pounds of yerba maté yesterday.
mmmm...i had been in withdrawl. SO much cheaper to buy in bulk!
j-dog is over in paris for a capoeira gathering right now...i can feel how far away she is.
missin her, thinkin about her a lot, hopin she is having a wonderful time.

lots of interesting thoughts brewing ...just not quite ready to write em out yet...

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