Sunday, April 09, 2006

the process

so, i started to dig into "the corner" yesterday.
the corner is a special place in my apartment where boxes of random stuff have seemed to gather.
i got rid of an old dilapidated teacher's desk i was rockin for a few years a couple of months ago, and the contents of the super deep drawers mostly got thrown into a couple of boxes that i had yet to go thru.
i managed to pare it all down to a pretty small box. let go of a lot of things.
also organized my art supplies. a huge task.
the more i go through things, the more i realize i am really moving & that i do not really have as much stuff as most of my friends probably think. it is just that it is all rather haphazardly placed & random. since things aren't organized & are scattered around the apartment so randomly, it gives a feeling tht there is more there than there is.
it feels good to be starting to see blank spots in the apartment.
it is a great psychological reminder.
gotta save my $!
gotta let thigns go!
my stack o' stuff to sell keeps getting taller!

last night was chadd's bday party. good time. good food, good games.good peeps.

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  1. You are starting to bum me out. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for you, but hate to think about you leaving here. Who am I gonna hang with?