Sunday, April 30, 2006

real cost of oil

i laugh every time i hear people whine about the cost of gas. what makes you think that you or anyone has the RIGHT to cheap fuel? especially when you may commute 30 miles a day to & from work?
how long must we continue to pretend that we are living in a life supporting way when we are actually heading straight into economic & ecologic system collapse/transfromation?
yes, we are born into a system which does all it can in an attempt to control/guide the way in which we live & move.but remember, in the end, it is you who chooses your spacial/energetic relationships.
no, the oil companies do not deserve to have exceedingly huge profits.(do not forget about the subsidies they get from the government. this is the ONLY reason you gas seems less expensive. your actual cost is being hidden in taxes)
but it is time for a reality check.
the following is an excerpt from R. Buckminster Fuller's book Critical Path. I do not agree with all of his ideas & consider him to be well intentioned but too industrially minded (a product of the times he lived within), but the folowing rang out loud & clear to me:

"It was World Game that asked one of the world’s greatest oil geologists, Francois de Chadenedes, if he could write an accurate scenario of nature producing petroleum on planet Earth through the photosynthetic transformation-into-hydrocarbon of Sun radiation by the vegetation and algae and the succession of events following their transformation as the vegetation is consumed by other biologicals, or is transformed into various residues, all of which are blown by winds or washed by streams and gradually accumulate in various geographical locations and become progressively buried within the planet’s outer crust.
Thereafter there were various heats and pressures (caused by ice ages, etc.), earthquakes, or deep burial below water or soil until those chemical heats and pressure conditions occurred which are essential to the production of petroleum.
De Chadenedes said he could, and after a year he presented us with the scenario with all of its time increments and pressure conditions spelled out.
We then asked him to figure how much it would cost nature per each gallon of petroleum for that much pressure and heat for that much time, were it calculated at the retail rate for that much energy for that length of time as charged us by the public utilities.
The cost came to well over a million dollars per gallon.

Since World Game’s accounting system is that of the Universe’s own time-energy intertransforming requirements, we must accept as cosmically unquestionable this costing of petroleum, coal, and gas resources, which nature has been syntropically importing and accumulating on planet Earth in order, ten billion years hence, to turn the Earth into an energy-exporting (entropic) star.
For this reason World Game considers all fossil fuels to be nature’s own savings account, deposited in our "Earth bank" and not to be stolen by exploiters.
Everyone knows that we should live on our (energy) income and not our savings account.
Nor should we burn our capital-account production equipment in order to produce meter-marketable energy, for there will soon be no further production capability.
Atomic energy by fission or fusion constitutes burning our terrestrial production equipment.
As mentioned, World Game finds that 60 percent of all the jobs in the U.S.A. are not producing any real wealth—i.e., real life support. They are in fear-underwriting industries or are checking-on-other-checkers, etc. The majority of the jobs occasion the individuals using three to four gallons per day in their automobiles to go to and from work—at true cosmic costing this means four million dollars per worker per day. Obviously the computer finds that it would save the planet Earth’s energy account $500 trillion a day to give all the non-wealth-producing workers their full pay to stay at home.

for more on R. Buckminster Fuller , Critical Path, and World Game visit the Buckminster Fuller Institute

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