Saturday, May 20, 2006

keeps getting stranger

I met an "apostle" named John & had a pretty interesting conversation with him while sitting in the park across from the old Scottish Rite Cathedral on Dearborn Street.
I mention where we were because I find it amusing.
The park is bounded on the north by the Newberry Library, Chicago's rare book & manuscript library branch.
N. Dearborn Street is chock full of all kinds of subtle symbolism, from unicorns chained to lions, half serpent men, the hotel Indigo with it's phi/golden mean theme.
When I was busy reading the David Icke books a few years back with it's concentration on symbolism, I found it funny that here, on my daily walk home were all of these very symbols surrounding me in such subtle unconsciously influencing ways.
but I digress....
that stuff is all of the showmanship of the world, not the essence of experience which is what I am getting to here...

John started the connection by asking me if I would like to talk about Jesus. I do not think he realized that I would be the one doing the talking. haha.
He & a friend were sitting on the edge of the park outside of the fence on a little curb that runs on the inside of the sidewalk against the fence. There are bushes between the fence & the curb.
I happened to be wearing my rajneesh mala that day.

John asked about it & I started to explain to him who rajneesh/osho was.
Immediately I discovered how lacking in information John was when it came to world religions as he immediately was lost when I mentioned Rajneesh was born into a Jaina home and from there we were off on a journey in which I proceeded to tall him about eastern philosophies & religions and fill in some gaps he seemed to have.

I guess I should explain to you why I call him an apostle.
He said to me that he has dropped everything & is trying to live like Jesus, like an Apostle. No home or belongings, having rejected mammon.
I find it kinda funny that we never in the course of things managed to get around to talking about sannyas.
I think he would have been very surprised to know that the very philosophies he is living out have their roots in the east.
I did describe how I live, how I have dropped my attachment to my possessions (that does not mean necessarily disposing of them, but not being attached, realizing that my belongings are not me, should be treated with respect in the larger scope of a symbiotic relationship with existence,that they are usable technologies, but not to be identified with.)
The difference I see between his way and mine is this....I wear my responsibility and he shirks it, putting his "guilt" of using mammon, the material world, off onto others. It is just a transference.

We talked about monism and dualism, the different kinds of relationships different people have with god, the need to personify deity...
We also talked about the nature of the priestly cast which exists in ALL cultural systems of organization. From religions, to science, to politics.
talked evolution and discovered he believes the world to be only 10,000 years old.
funny. I do not completely dismiss that possibility because I don't feel a need to dismiss anything, I have room for all of it.
but it seems rather unpoetic.
I found it rather interesting how into Yahweh he was too.
the most revealing things bout the Yahwists mindset that came out of his mouth was something like:
"I understand how Yahweh uses Lucifer as the ax in his hand to judge his people."
I understand what he is wanting to say here....and to an extent I agree metaphorically. It is an acceptance of the role of the trickster. But the perspective is all messed up.
this is the kinda thing that led the church (which John does not support at all) to being the anti-christ.
(think about how what is currently called christianity was spread - it was decidedly NOT spread in the spirit of Christ).
I tried to express to John that one could experience God in all things.
this is the BIG disconnect between east & west.
the western judeo-christian-islamic world has not gotten past it's adolescence. It still needs a parent, so it personifies everything in terms of NOUNS. OWNERSHIP is the main definition of these traditions. Everything BELONGS to god.
in the east, there is not as much of a need for a parent so it is a more playful relationship. The concepts of deity exist but not in such a hamfisted manner.
and when one gets to beings like Lao Tzu or Buddha (notice I did NOT say taoism or buddhism) there is no need for deity whatsoever.
it comes full circle back to the original religion, that God is in all things. There is no separation.

What John had a problem with is not being able to accept contradiction as a part of the whole.
I think he was perplexed and possibly troubled by my being at peace with "not knowing" and not needing to believe in an absolute truth.

I even asked him things like:
"Is unconditional love moral?" (I think it is amoral as it is beyond judgment and division),
"Is Yahweh moral?"
if God is infinite & this world is like a painting of his (john talked of creator & created in terms of artist & painting) then isn't it absurd to believe that he would only paint one painting?
john seemed to think it was stupid to look to space for life as there is no good chance of there being any.
I found it amusing that he started to use science to back this one up.
it is interesting how beings like this pick & choose what parts of reality they use to support their illusions or need to believe in a particular holographic manifestation.

Now, I have to admit that talking o him led me to a bit of a spiritual crises.
I have always had problems with certain aspects of the rajneesh story.
to me, it seems like everyone on BOTH sides of that story seem to miss by so much!
all of the ugliness & beauty there together. Those that see the ugly dismiss the beauty, those that see the beauty dismiss the ugly.
it is disturbing!
so many accept rajneesh (as Osho - and probably without really thoroughly researching the story) without question.
they accept this whole notion of him as "enlightened master" without question.
I myself have allowed a lot of leeway in my acceptance of him because he is an amazingly beautiful man in so many ways. Yet he is also the ugliest of the ugly and that cannot be ignored. That is part of the lesson he was teaching.

I think people miss that he was an experiment, and that he invited people to join in. He told them every step of the way what he was doing & what his intentions were.
yet somehow, while playing out the drama, while playing the roles, it seems that the majority of those involved became attached to their illusions. They got caught up in the game.
one can see this happen on a lesser level all of the time.
an example I can think of that made me laugh in my college days was the band Urge Overkill.
at first, it seemed like their whole image persona thing was tongue in cheek, but over time, somehow they actually became the characters they were playing. They became a shadow of themselves.
and this is exactly what happened with rajneesh.
for me, the peak of his journey was around '75-'76. The discourses I resonate with most are from that period or earlier.
seems to me at that point is when the experiments started to go deeper & deeper & the whole twisted rational of the Ashram and the acceptance of anything became what can only be termed questionable.
many want o simply dismiss the talk of drug trafficking and such, but those things cannot simply be dismissed.
one need not dismiss them or accept them to learn from them!
of course, in an ashram that is about absolute acceptance on many levels, one can only expect the troubled & questionable to be present, and from what rajneesh said, he was allowing things to happen so that people would have to take responsibility unto themselves. But at the same time he would say that he was responsible for everything that occurs at the ashram.
sticky wickets everywhere!
I think there was a great importance to what rajneesh did, what he and the commune became, because in the end it embodies everything that it should not have!
it is such a good example of intentional community because on so many levels it was an amazing success.
they were able to fund the building of a city! The transformation of arid overgrazed land into a fertile valley.
but then the stupid disciple had to go & demand a rajneeshee bible.
no one seems to get that rajneesh set them all up to fall. That he probably DID create the situation in Oregon that turned so ugly. This was the MOST important part of the entire lesson he taught! Of his entire life!
that all of the sannyasins had to let go! That their entire need to love the master was in the end a barrier to their own journeys.
if he had not destroyed that which was created around him, it would have become an increasingly insular thing and the very idea that his philosophy was founded on would remain unexpressed....To live IN the world, IN the marketplace, but not be OF it.
having an intentional community in the middle of nowhere is NOT being in the world, it is creating one of illusion.
if one cannot go back & forth freely between the two, then one has missed!
there are many many excuses made for rajneesh, but I do not buy it.
I love him dearly, in all of his fucked upness.
he had a kind of boldness, a call it as I see that I love.
he was definitely a trickster. His role was that of questioner, of destroyer.
the destroyer of illusion.
somehow though, he got caught up in his own illusion.

I think we all simply need to see it in perspective.
there were casualties definitely, but ANY cultural change or experiment has casualties and at least he had the respect to tell people exactly what it was he was doing!
meanwhile, society at large lives within the greatest psychological experiment ever created and they are being told that they are free while being constantly bombarded with mind control techniques.
in some strange way, rajneesh was exposing mind control techniques to his followers.
he was using them in order to do it, but he would say what he was doing. And he was attempting to teach how to control one's own mind in order to combat the control of others.
at least this is what I am getting from it all.
it is glaringly obvious to me though that this was not the case for a good deal of the sannyasins involved at the time because they seem to have gotten TOO invested in eh whole master/disciple relationship.
when people on message boards say that "his spirit is still alive so it is ok to be with the master" or that kinda crap, I want to take a big ass zen stick & knock them on their asses!
for they have COMPLETELY missed!
there is nothing NICE about rajneesh. He never could have given a shit what you thought about him.
and his love was much like that of Yahweh in many regards. Of course, one has to recognize that Yahweh & Lucifer are playing the good cop bad cop game in order to understand this.
The God program is always set to enslave because god is not a thing.
it is an is not a noun, it is a becoming, it is ever changing, it is infinite & there's no way anyone is going to convince me to limit that by putting boundaries on it.

for myself there is only one measure of worth. Unconditional, infinite love.
everything else is just playing with shells at the seashore while the truth is out there in the depths waiting for you.

of course, we already know that I am completely full of shit.

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  1. Below article is alos interesting from i found in past
    "I want to talk a bit more in details about Osho in this letter so that we can see some new facts which are mostly untold so that now things can be settled properly.A really awakened person will always be behaved like a criminal by Ruler and Governments at his time.It is very essential symptom of a Budha.All the world political system is anti-God.It will be misunderstanding to say that there is democracy anywhere in the world yet.There are subtle dictatorships everywhere which change after every 4-5 years and democracy is just a name used for mobcracy. Exploit the sentiments of masses and rule.This is the rule of all the politicians. All justice systems are political influenced. Our approach towards Osho is not un-prejudiced. Will you contact Office of the Attorney General of that time if you want to know about the Budhas,Awakened ones,Gurus who were crucified by administrations at the time of Jahangir or Aurangzeb in India. Will you contact Office of the Attorney General of Athenes to know why Socrates was poisoned.
    If you really go and see the files at that time you will see that those people were behaved like criminals and full list of crimes were prepared against them to make an impressive case to justify the punishment. In case of Osho our approach is totally biased .There was a list of 35 crimes prepared against Osho.No cases could be proved and only 2 cases based upon which Osho was deported were related to immigration.I came across a news story sometime back when in US a newspaper published a story attaching bioterrorism and murder cases with Osho name.The newspaper was sued by Osho Foudation New York and case was won by the Foundation as no such case was ever proved again him in any court in US. I never believe or say anything until I explore the facts first hand myself with unprejudiced and clean eyes.I read and experimented with Dances of Gurjieff .I read almost all what Krishnamurthy ever spoke.He is great but too serious and dry.I read and listened almost all what Osho spoke.To know more about the incidents which are projected in news media , I talked to Sw.Chetnya Keerti ,Editor of Osho Times Internation New Delhi who spent almost all his life with Osho, Sw.Dhanyam who is editor of monthly magazine Viha Connection from Mill Valley,California he was with Osho in Rajneeshpuram at Oregon from 1981-1985,Ma Yoga Neelam secretary of India for Osho Foundation.I myself flew to Pune in 1994 and spent 2 months continuously experimenting with all the meditations and therapy groups available at that time.Below are some facts which you should not ignore.Mind works in negative approach and it is very receptive of negative propaganda from any source without raising a single doubt.This is the mind strategy to keep its ego alive.Mind never wants to believe that somebody else can be awakened one.The same mind will raise thousands doubts and ask questions for validity to accept anything positive.Pundits never accepted that Budha is awakened one.They presented Budha as a villain in the eyes of the people in India using negative propaganda.That is why whole of Asia is leaned towards Budha except India.When Pundits lost all the arguments against Budha,they changed their strategy. They started saying that Budha is just copying from Gita as he is very much influenced by it.Now it is very easy to convince the mind and prove that Budha is copying from Gita because when Truth is one ,how can be the essential words about truth be so many. It is not the words which matter, the thing which matter the most is whether the person experienced it or Not. Whether the silent explosion happened in the man or not, Whether the person is awakened one or sleeping. Any good parrot can repeat the word about truth from any scripture beautifully. Never comment about anybody saying that he is influenced by anybody else.This is a subtle cunningness to attack on the dignity and individuality of a person.Always respect everybody as an independent individual.
    Most of the incidents at Rajneeshpuram which are said below are included in full details in the book ‘Jesus Crucified Again, This Time in Ronald Reagan's America” by D.Sarito which is available from any Barnes & Noble book store all over America.These are the words of Osho himself and the people who witnessed it.

    Osho is the most misunderstood person in this world today as it should be the case with a man of truth.He told truth as it is.This is for the first time that religion has reached from East to the West. This is for the first time that truth has been expressed in English as purely as 24 Karat Gold.Upto now all religions in the west were just work of translations and 2nd hand.Words of truth can never be translated because the spirit of truth is left behind in the original language and only words are carried forward. Words without the spirit are just dead. When Jesus’s words were translated from Aramaic to Hebrew much spirit was lost. When from Hebrew it went to Greek, more loss. And when ultimately it went to English, it became far difficult to taste the original spirit of Jesus. Same happened with all other translations. It is very difficult to express truth in English as it is originally a language of science and mind. Osho developed ‘Osho English’ which is very close to English. Osho shook whole of the world. He was one man Versus whole of the world governments. When he was in India, whole of the Indian government was against him .He exposed MurarJi Desai of his cunningness. He was banned from purchasing any land in India so that he can not set up any commune there and invite more people around him. Persons around him were tasting of something which was beyond any expression. His energy field was so strong that just sitting in his presence was more than enough to experience divine.He talked on almost all the awakened persons on the earth ever happened.His talks on Japuji are unparalleled. Through these world Nanak addressed again to whole of the humanity. People already sensed of something from another world through these words.His words in the book ‘Ik Omkar’ has become almost an essential part of every library of all over the Gurdwaras in the world.These words are so authentic and full of juice of truth which never happened before.Osho was the most silent person in all over the world and mostly sitting with closed eyes in his room.He used to come out only for morning or evening discourse for about an hour.But still his presence disturbed whole of the world.All religious philosophies created by Pundits ,scholars,educationists lost any base in front of him.Exploitation of the humanity by Priests and Politicians were exposed like a day light.So naturally Politicians and Priests of all over the world were scared of his presence in their territory.People were singing,dancing and living a joyous life in his presence without any reason.This haunted the ego of all the political leaders.No Politial leader or Priest want anybody living a joyous life without their own blessing.These people want humanity to be miserable.It is only misery which drive people to the priests otherwise nobody will care about them.Osho reminded every person on earth that each person has his Kingdom beneath his own feet and very easy to seek it.He gave the persons around him the taste of this Kingdom.The person who loved Osho saw Budha,Krishna,Nanak,Jesus looking at them from his eyes.Osho traveled to almost all over India .He spent most of his life in train traveling to every remote place of India.His body was almost exhausted and was caught by Asthma during this travel of 30 years continuously. Polluted environment of India was not going to help him to remain in body for much long and the seekers of America and Other western countries started urging him to move to America for a short time in a suitable climate. A 64000 acre of desert Muddy Ranch in Oregon which was on sale for years and nobody was ready to purchase was considered a suitable place by the people who invited him.But this was a desert with no greenery, no birds, no lakes ,no road and nearby place was 21 miles away of a very small population.But within 2 years this land was converted to an oasis by celebrating,singing,dancing and meditating people.It was converted to an unique city named ‘Rajneeshpuram’ with its own buses and its own airport and a self dependent city from every respect.This was the only city in west which was totally vegetarian. There was a common kitchen for each 5000 people.Vegetarian dishes from all over the world were part of the kitchen and new vegetarian recipes were being developed continuously for a taste transition of non-vegetarian to vegetarian. There were meditation menus prepared for every day and season. New meditations techniques were discovered according to the new people’s mind lever. Soon this became a capital of spiritual world and people from all over the world started coming. All educated cream of the world gathered there. His own physician was member of Royal society of Physics and all the best musicians, singers, dancers, pets, artists, painters, craftmen, scientists from all over the world were attracted towards this place.Average education level of that city became double of any other place of the world. During all the period Osho was in silence as he stopped speaking some years before traveling to America.His message was silence and up to that time people gathered around him became capable enough to listen to him in silence and be nourished by his mere presence. He completely destroyed the Prophet or belief system in religion. He clearly described that each human being is fully responsible for himself and no Guru or Prophet can do anything for anybody if the person is merely following a religious belief system or rituals. The person should have real thirst and should start exploring religion as an inner science. He exposed fundamental strategies of the Govt Administration at that time. Books of Darwin were being burnt from the libraries as it was against Bible. Schools were going to be targeted by fundamentalists in the administration under the name of Religious Funds. Within a short period of 1981-1985 Rajneeshpuram invoked the attention of the whole world and became a second home of World Press. This happy, joyful and celebrating city became the comparison factor for whole of the miserable world. Priests and Politicians started facing a big Question Mark about themselves and became jealous and their sleep got disturbed forever. Then started the strategy to spread negative propaganda about the commune.Rajneespuram was not disturbed by the world but World was disturbed by this one small city.Now it is world famous saying that you see what you want to see.If a botanist, a poet,a shopkeeper and a thief go to a garden then a botanist will see the plants and think about their life system,a poet will see the beauty of the garden and start fantasying his poem, a shopkeeper will start thinking about the fruits and market values and a thief will start thinking about the best thing to steal and best route and time to steal.Same way different people of different psychological background spread different rumors.A materialistic person saw just Rolls Royaces in the Rajneespuram.A sexually repressed person saw only women and attached the rumors of sexual orgies and so on.It is not surprising that Osho is mostly known as Rolls Royace man in America and as a Sex Guru in India.There are about 600 books in 54 languages in Osho’s name.His only one book on sex ‘From Sex to Super Conciousness’ attracted the world attention more than any other book.But he spoke courageously almost on every aspect of life directly without any hesitation. But wherever there are flowers there are thorns.Wherever there are Budhas or awakened ones ,there are ‘Nindaks’,’Manmukhs’ always created around them.Sheela’s husband was dying with cancer in a short period of months. That is why he turned to a seeker and reached Pune in India.He was a sincere seeker but his wife Sheela was an outwardly person and no interest in seeking.So when his husband was meditating ,she was more oriented towards administrative works.So accordingly she raised herself to a secretary of administrative affairs of the commune in Rajneeshuram.A Budha is never suspicious and never rejects anybody from anywhere.His compassion and love and innocence is always unconditional.Withing 5 years in commune at Rajneespuram as secretary ,about billions of Dollars flew through the Sheela’s hands and she just started behaving like a queen. Greed of money and power made her blind.She started behaving like a dictator.As Osho was in silence and only 3 others persons (His Personal physician,dentist and a caretaker) was having physical access to Osho. Sheels tried to poison all of them so that her activities can never be exposed. She created hostility with neighbors to remain in power.When somehow news reached to Osho ,He broke his silence and started speaking and Sheels alongwith her gang of 20 ran away to other countries with huge money.All these activies of Sheela were exposed by Osho himself to the Presss for the first time which are alrealy documented in his books.But this was a great excuse for Politicians and Priests.Horrible words of ‘bioterrorism’,’murderer’,’sex’ etc were associated with his name and propaganda done all over the world.Sheela’a crimes were made Osho’s crimes. List of 35 crimes was prepared under his names.He was arrested without any warrant and was forced from one prison to another for 12 days.He was made to sign under the false name of ‘David Washington’ and was made to enter the prison from back door.When he wrote his name in Hindi along with his world famous signature, this conspiracy to eliminate him was failed.Osho’s body was exposed to radioactive and slow poison ‘thallium’ was given in his bread in jails in such doses so that no trace of proof can be left in his body. When none of the crimes could be proved, His attorney was blackmailed to accept two easy crimes, which were just immigration issues. Even his attorney was made to complete the statement ‘I am Guilty’ in the court which never happened in the history of court before .Explosive materials were found from the chair where he was made to sit after court proceedings and whole of that floor was vacated in advance.Osho was made to sit on the chair as a conspiracy to eliminate him forever if he got bail on that day. As Osho was deported and quickly came out of the court,this plan was cancelled in a hurry.A fine of 400K was imposed for these minor charges to delay the Osho’s release from Jail so that such amount can not be arranged quickly.All these incidents are documented well in detail in the above mentioned book.

    Now actions of Judas are not actions of Jesus.Actions of Devdatta are not actions of Budha.Actions of Mahavir’s son in law are not of Mahavir’s.Actions of Sheela are not actions of Osho.This distinction has to be clearly understood.But Sheela’s acts were projected to condem all the Osho and millions of people who loved him.Ruling Party can use any act for its own motivations. To make it more clear remember when a man with Hindu faith kills an Indian Leader it becomes just a matter of ‘One mad guy Nathu Ram” but when a man of Sikh faith kills an Indian leader ,whole of Sikh community is projected as villain and negative propaganda is done to spread anger against all the people of the community.See the difference.Act is same but it is projected with different motivations. Sheela is responsible for her acts.Osho was not even a resident of Ranjeeshpuram.He was living as a guest in a far away guest house in a silent place. Just concentrating on Sheela’s activities ignoring all the positive sides of Rajneespuram is not a balanced approach.There were far more positive things in Rajneeshpuram than just a Sheela.There are also hostile activities done by people who were living near the commune which should not be ignored.

    Moreover a person of truth is already condemned in his time and worshipped later on.That is what is happening in the case of Osho.A charlatan person is always worshipped in his time and condemned later on.That is what is happening to Mohan Dass Gandhi who was projected as Mahatma Gandhi by greedy people as a political deal to remain themselves in office.It is truth which prevails ultimately.Now words of Osho has become best selling all over the world.He books became best selling even in unexpected countries like Iran,Russia and China.The countries who deported him are fighting for copyrights of his books .There are no copyrights in India for Osho’s books.NewYork has all the copyrights of Osho’s works.Today no book store is complete anywhere the world without a separate section just for Osho Books/music/Video/Audio.
    His books have over shadowed Indian Parliament where upto now only Mahatma Gandhi’s third class books were placed.Mahatam Gandhi started losing Mahatmahood in the eyes of India and falling back to Mr Mohan Dass Gandhi rapidly.He is being exposed more and more every day.Osho’s psychological analysis of Gandhi opened the eyes of the people for the first time and people became aware of his excesses done to his own wife and eldest son.Such facts were never brought forward before.I would like to request the editor of this site to publish Osho’s words in every issue which will be eyes opening.
    Only those communities remain progressive which change with time and don’t remain clinging with past.We should keep our vision worldwide and appreciate good persons wherever they happen and condemn the devils wherever they happen.Wherever a person is awakened we should open our windows to let the light of awakening come to our home.There is no loss in it but gain and gain only.
    Negative propaganda and cunning actions of politicians can never silence a Budha.Actually these help to spread the truth.No Ruler or Government could stop the voice which was once raised from Anandpur.All oppositions only created Fathegarh Sahib,ChamKaur Sahib,DamDama Sahib and lot more.Truth can never be stopped by any Government but more it is stopped,more sharp it becomes.Ram is standing upon Ravan.If there were no Ravan,nobody would have remembered Ram.Without Ravan,there can be no Ramyan.Truth itself is silent.but actions of idiots make it a news.Destruction of Rajneespuram could not do any harm.It paved the way for Osho’s World Tour.He exposed almost each country and was deported from all over the world.He went to the Greece which was called land of Socrates. He was stoned there as well by bishops. He reminded whole of the world that civilization is still a dream .After Rajneespuram was destroyed,The people who were living at RajneesPuram spread to all over the world and seed of truth went to whole of the earth.Now Osho communes are spreading all over the world.Communes bigger than Rajneespuram are already existing in Brazil and Europe.Osho meditation camps are happening all over the world including in India.New generation is already angry with old generation.What has old generations given?.This ugly world of nations,armies,thousands wars,two world wars and now the preparation of third and final war.We are sitting on nuclear explosives.Now the world has accumulated the nuclear weapons which can destroy this tiny and beautiful earth 700 times.And still the piles of nuclear weapons is increasing. Any stupid politician can trigger this ugly war any time. And politicians are most retarded class of humanity. These politicians are continuously creating hostility with other nations so that humanity can remain divided and their chairs,requirement and work remain alive. Future is golden.A new age,new humanity and a new man is born with Osho.Age of nations,armies,small families is finished .In the Golden future individuals will be living together seeking,meditating,singing,dancing and celebrating in communes.Children will be brought up together.The way child marriage is crime,so child initiation to any belief should be the crime. It is crime to impose a belief system and a religion until the child is matured.It destroys the real urge to seek forever.Readymade answers from Pundits are furnished before the question is even raised.This is ugly.Future will of real religiousness Not bogus religions."