Friday, May 05, 2006


bare with me as i:

-transmute my frustration into creativity;

-say inflamatory things in order to light a fire under our proverbial asses;

-continually attempt to move into a more loving nature instead of festering in a cesspool of negative holographic imprints and mediated projections of reality;

-come to terms with the fact that 99.9% of the people i seem to come across are violently for peace and judge everything according to their personal perception as if they are gods & goddesses with the right to judge another person's worth;

recognize that if one thinks that they have a right to decide what happens on a level existence outside of their personal space, they need to admit what they are (i.e.: if you think you have a right to have a say what happens on a global level, you are a globalist - which means if you are anti-globalist you are actually a practicing globalist!)

-come to understand that most of the secularly minded have an immature understanding of what it truly means to be religious as well as what it really means to be objective in a quantum reality (can anyone say "no-mind" or enlightenment?)

realize that the majority of people pray & wish in a way which creates the hell they live in due to the fact that it reinforces the negative or what is absent rather than reinforcing possibility & abundance;

-that there has only ever really been one war, and that is the war between the priests & the mystics; those who wish to control and dictate experience, and those who wish to instill the freedom of each & everyone to experience life directly on their own terms.
and this does not pertain only to religions!
priests (kings , politicians, the scientific elite, corporate CEO's, anyone at the top of a pyramid - and the pyramid has to be other than a tetrahedron because a tetrahedron has no top) horde technologies both inner & outer while mystics share technologies so that others may find truth for themselves.

-accept the fact that the civilization that i was born into is at its adolescence and refusing to grow up and that i need to be more accepting of the fact that just about EVERYONE is blundering around trying to figure out what is what;

-realize that some people think that they can become or instill peace by reading about war and using the technologies of someone like sun tzu to bring peace (it's the medium - the reality metaphor, the language, the mode of thinking that is the cause! not the message!)

- that there is no such thing as "white magic" as all magic is based on intention and anything based on intention is based on desire,and that when it comes down to it, all desire is based on the self & reinforcing that self (ego), so basically at a psychological level all intention is black magic because it is the expression of a violent, dualistic, untrusting, controlling relationship with existence. it is saying that YOU know better than existence does!

-realize that everything i say is just another pile of intellectual rubbish on the trashheap & the only thing that really matters is what kind of relating, living and loving we express.

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