Thursday, June 15, 2006

chautauqua woods

This is a pic of an old corn crib that a friend & i had built a fort in the upper rafters of back in gradeschool.
It is in a park/wooded area - Lincoln Memorial Park - a few hundred yards from my childhood home.
The area was once a main Kickapoo settlement & in the early 1900's was a good sized chautauqua community.
i've been reading about the history of the area & have become fascinated, especially with the chautauqua movement & the fact that it was happening in my hometown at around the same time as the Illinois Asylum for Feeble Minded Children (which was known in more modern times as the Lincoln Developmental Center)was in full swing with its state farm & the first psychology department in a mental institution.
the asylum also seems to have been heavily influenced by the Oddfellows, a high level freemasonic society.( i am going to start doing more research into this - wish me luck!)
i intend on spending a few weeks down there later this summer doing some research & getting some GPS locations of historical sites that I have found no detailed listings for, and adding to the info that already exists.
I love that fact that i am intimate with those woods...and all of the history which they hold.
sometime i'll have to tell you about my vision back into time in that park that i had one day. it was amazing.wonder if it had anything to do with meditation in teh center of an almost perfect circle of toadstools? haha

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