Friday, June 30, 2006

circuits circus

Just finished reading Robert Anton Wilson's book Prometheus Rising yesterday.
right click to d-load a pdf version of it here
good stuff, though dated.
One of the most interesting things i keep discovering when reading "scientific" and philosophical/psycholological/spiritual writings is that there is a whole lotta foundation laid and arguments made on the mistaken premise that DNA is the manifesting power of human expression.
It is really pointing a huge finger at the work of Bruce Lipton over & over & over.
to clarify very briefly : DNA is nothing more than a collection of blueprints. DNA cannot activate itself or do anything for itself at all. DNA simply sits there waiting for its particular pattern to be replicated by the RNA in order to do whatever is needed to be done, usually repair or rebuild dead or damaged parts or cells.
It is the collection of protiens that surround the DNA which regulate which blueprints are available to the builders, so to speak.
the protiens are regulated by outside signals, or to put it in more correct terms, our perception of the environment.
I am not going to go on and on here about Bruce's work because he does an amazing job at what he does.
go to his site here for more info.

so, point is this. too many houses of cards are built on flimsy foundations.
when even a superagnostic like R.A.Wilson can come off sounding dogmatic about some things - a little too sure - you know that we've got a problem.

more later....

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