Sunday, June 11, 2006

go cat go!

check this chases black bear up a tree. too cool.

it reminds me of when i saw Fritz, a black tuxedo cat that lives on my block & patrols the neighborhood givin hell to some raccoon cubs that were in some smaller trees one night last fall.
they were at least twice his size.
all 3 of them were in this tiny tree & fritz wa totally swattin at 'em.
too funny.
every once in awhile fritz comes up to my windows, which are at ground level with me bein in a "garden" apartment & all, and my little noona will get all protective & try to get him to leave by hissin & swattin at the screen.
but fritz just sits there & rolls around. looks at noona like she is crazy.
wonder what would happen if they ever actually got to each other....

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