Thursday, June 15, 2006


do i feel this overwhelming need to be a pain in everyone's ass these days?
no wonder i'm alone.
tonight is a night of insight.
i apologize to all who have been the focus of my vehement need for depth.
somehow, i've managed to temporarily forget the art of compassion.
in order to get me back on track, i'd like to list the ten precepts of Bodhidarma:

1. I will refrain from killing.

2. I will refrain from stealing.

3. I will refrain from abusing sexuality.

4. I will refrain from speaking untruthfully.

5. I will refrain from encouraging delusion in myself and others.

6. I will refrain from malicious speech.

7. I will refrain from being proud of myself and belittling others.

8. I will refrain from holding back in giving either Dharma or wealth.

9. I will refrain from indulging in anger.

10. I will refrain from defaming the Three Treasures.

osho is fuckin dangerous. be careful with him. i feel like i tasted the frikkin dark side.
i know i did.
but it needed to be done.
i've got an understanding that grows deeper every day.
i thank his words for that.
but i am upset with my own being for allowing arrogance to flourish.
i allowed my tongue to become a weapon (as well as my fingers).
it is difficult to not strike hard when one is not listened to , when valid questions are not allowed to be asked or are not taken seriously.
but i have to relearn the proper language.
somehow i let myself forget....
once again, apologies to all of you.
may your whole existence be blessed.

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  1. Hi Darren,

    I am exploring blogs that have similiar interests.
    I came by to say Hi.
    I like the name of your blog. I'm guessing that you mean the small self.
    Feel free to come by my blog anytime.
    peace to you