Thursday, August 17, 2006

new adventures

droppin the old makes way for the new.
seems i've managed to come to the end of that last section of the amusement park.
friends are healing their past relationships and it is great.
i am happy for them.
when i discovered this about sweet p, it made me laugh out loud with the absurdity of life and how things just manage to work themselves out the way they should.
sometimes we need to lose what we had in order to know what it was.
those who have known me for awhile now know how the story goes on my end.
it's been interesting and full of all sorts of ups and downs.
but it has all been extremely rewarding in terms of the friendships and connections developed as well as the personal transformations which were catalyzed by the whole thing.

the best part of all of this is that when the old ways drop, then there is finally room for the new!

wonderful new people entering my life.
wonderful new projects and possibilities.
i just finished and entered a remix into the Bugz in The Attic 'Move Aside' remix contest and i could not be happier with my version which you can download below:
low rate (128kpbs - 8M) right click here
hi rate (320kbps -20M) right click here
or if you just want to stream it, go to my myspace music page here
to hear other entries, check out some of the links in the Bugz forum here.

i feel more relaxed and inspired than i have in a long time.
lots of wonderful words and feedback coming my way, that always helps!

it's a time for change, for steppin out, for makin the moves.

new dj mix coming soon too...

now if i can just get myself started on writing that book....