Tuesday, September 26, 2006

day 10 of 365

day 10 of 365
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It was an amazingly beautiful day today.
Went out wandering this afternoon, needing to be in the sun.
Headed west over to Albany Park just to lay out on the grass and soak up some sun for awhile.
Then headed up California Ave. til i reached the park and Nature Trail at Lawerence.
I was hoping for more graffiti finds, but was astonished at how many great photos i managed to take.
I had forgotten how much i love the random finds as well as the act of simply being observant.
I can see how it could become a meditative thing.
It definitely helps bring one to awareness, being in the now.
I also found a bike today abandoned by the woods.
I left it there for hours waiting to see if anyone would claim it even searching through the woods to see if perchance it belonged to a fisherman/woman or someone else wandering around in there.
But alas, no one to be found.
and the bike is exactly my size.
the one i have been riding for the last 5 years is actually a bit big for me, and I have always felt that the geometry was all outa whack for my body.
It was simply not comfortable to ride.
But this bike, riding it around this evening i was like "Oh yeah! This is what it is supposed to feel like to ride a bike! This is fun!"
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