Wednesday, September 27, 2006

day 11 of 365

day 11 of 365
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I seem to be going with the ebb and flow of things pretty well these days.
Keeping myself busy and creative.
Surprised that phorography has grabbed me for now.
but what can ya do?
It's all i can do to not spend hours in front of Photoshop working on images.

I'm looking forward to a few possible autumn roadtrips.
Wondering who time will be spent with as everything shifts around a little bit more.

Wishing I could quit my job and dive headfirst into projects galore.
Feeling a need for more time outside.
More nature.
More green.
I manage to find a few spots here and there around the city.
Marta has been helpin out in that regard too.
Our recent trip up to a Nature preserve in Crystal Lake was a blast.
We even got to sit in the woods through a downpour.
Then layed out on some picnic tables basking in the sun.
kinda wish i was in Bimini with her swimming with the wild dophins right about now....
but what can ya do?

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