Wednesday, September 20, 2006

fire heart

fire, originally uploaded by intuitive cat.
surrounded by silence
i am brought back home
to the me that is not me
the play that was not played
sannyas calls yet again.

i hear my wordless name upon the wind
whispering to me

"let go and ride the breeze.
we will dance until the day we settle
back into the earth
and give our bodies
to tomorrows trees."

in the words of the Muadib

"It is time for the Dreamer To Awaken!"

but that is just the beginning,
the foundation.
one must also listen
to his son Leto

"Follow the Golden Path"

free from fate
choosing destiny
no longer a slave
wearing our new robes
of response-ability

the new human rises
dissolving obsolete programs
rising above primal brain circuitry
moving into awareness

there is no battle,
no war
but the war between
control and trust.
represented in flesh
by the priest and the mystic

yet even those who are against existence
cannot live without it.
they just go on creating
hell on earth
as they project
on even the most innocent.

discover and cultivate
your sweetest fragrance
and let it waft thru the air
caressing all you meet.

the blooming flower in the desert
inspiring all to celebrate
and recognize
the Gift of all gifts:

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