Sunday, September 17, 2006

Naqoyqatsi - alternative soundtrack mix finally done!

just posted a new dj mix which while not originally intended to be, ended up being sync'd to go along with the movie Naqoyqatsi, the third movie of the Koyanisqaatsi trilogy.
I've made both 128 and 320kbps versions available.
you can download them with these links:
Mechanized Mentalities 128kbps version . 77.2MB
Mechanized Mentalities 320kbps version . 192.8MB
the mix ranges from in your face to tongue in cheek and back again.
considering the subject matter of the movie I think i managed to create a pretty well balanced mix that remains playful in its intensity.
the playlist is in the graphic below
so, download the mix, rent or buy the movie, sync 'em up and enjoy!

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