Thursday, September 28, 2006

steamroller wheels a' turnin'

Well, the city of Chicago finally decided to re"pave" the alley at work.
It has been resurfaced at least 3 times since i started working there and they do a shitty job every time.
Once again they left a nice little trench right along our building for water to gather in & flow right into our basement.
I do not really understand why they believe that asphalt is going to stand up to the rigors of daily delivery truck traffic, the slamming down of load/unload ramps and dumpsters galore.
but that is the way they roll...
the drainage has always been a problem.
there used to be a small trench cut the length of the alley that led to teh stormdrain at the end.
Those were the good days.
Hold i reminiscing about better days in the alley behind work?
That's just wrong.
But i did always make sure that tranch was clear of debris.

This morning, the trip to work was a mess.
I guess there were 2 separate problems on the Brown Line el this morning.
The first, wich effected my trip to work, was a power outage - or at least that is what is reported.
Later, there was a woman who jumped in front of one of the trains.
Maybe it was really only the one incident and then the story got covered all strangely, I am not quite sure.
Too lazy to go look for news links right now.

I ended up getting off of the train a few stops south of home and walked back to get my bike and ride to work.
It was a nice change of pace and i got to try out my new bike on a longer ride.
i have GOT to transfer my toeclips and fenders onto that thing. I missed the clips a lot today. Especially when I hit the headwind.

Out tonite to see my friend Ami G play out.
have not seen her in a long time. should be fun.

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