Sunday, September 10, 2006

Thank the Goddess

I think that this past wednesday something happened.
and i have the most intriguing and inspiring woman i have met yet to thank for it.

The very quality and vibration of my being seems to have transformed.
a huge leap on the journey.
energy which was stuck is now flowing freely.
something shining, luminous, radiant being born.
clarity coming more and more.

at moments, i find myself desirous of more time in her presence.
a craving.
not hunger.
not neediness.
a desire to share
to support
to hold
to uplift
to laugh
to love

A spark has been lit under my ass and i find my creativity overflowing.

people are even looking at me a little bit strangely on the street.
i wonder, is it because they are not used to seeing someone who is at peace?
who is at ease?

i know that i will not spend 911 in the trance of terror,
but rather in the arms of Tara (enlightened compassion)

resistance is sloughing off of me as i move into the vibration of creation.

No desire to own, to control, to demand.
simply seeking resonance, sharing, co-creation.

It is always blissful to connect with fellow seekers.
When that seeker happens to be a super hot goddess
who is able to keep up with my crazy-talk it is almost overwhelming!

To have simply shared energies for a moment is enough.
yet how can i not wish for more of such a divine nectar?

not to mention that i am tickled by the fact
that the song Dumuzi sang to Inanna keeps coming to mind.

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