Monday, October 30, 2006

truth and illusion

So much to digest over the last week.
Truth yet again put into question.
What is real, what is not?

One thing that many people do not understand is that half truths, lies, and deceit hold their own truths.
It is only when we hold onto illusion that they do us damage.
Otherwise, they can reveal just as easily and readily as truth does.
Sometimes people simply cannot face their own truths so they deceive themselves.
Then this extends outwards.
Of course, there are times when people can also be deceitful in order to gain selfishly.
When these people meet with someone of truth, they are confronted with the mirror.
An awakened individual cannot be shaken by deceit.
A person who lives in truth stands strong.
Seeing and witnessing the deception can be tricky, but it I can also be a bit of a laugh if one remains lighthearted.
I, luckily, have enough experience rising and falling at this point that I am used to the ride.
One of the most interesting manifestations is that the person who lives the authentic awakened life will almost always create a situation in which the deceiver is forced to face their own deception.
But the situation is not actually created, it simply arises out of the very essence of the awakened.
It canot help but be otherwise, because when deceit and illusion come face to face with truth, they cannot help but dissolve, for the lies have no firm foundation.
A being of truth, of love, of trust cannot be shaken.
There is no doubt to cause the cracks. The weight of the deceit is thrown completely onto the shoulders of the deceiver.
At this point, the time comes for the one in illusion to either meet with their own truth or fall deeper into lies and illusion.
If you are accepted even in your deceit, if you are loved even while wearing the veil, imagine how much more love and acceptance will be there once the veil is lifted!
It is the flowering of truth, of authenticity which matters.
The seed of that flower may lie in shit for awhile before it germinates.
It may be completely mistaken for something to be tossed by many.
But the being who seeks authenticity and awareness recognizes.
It is all the foundation for something more.
The transmutation will happen.
When, one cannot say. But one can nurture the transformation.

Overcoming our lies and deceptions about ourselves as well as others is one of the most freeing transformations we can make.
It nurtures connections, acceptance, and empathy.
We all fumble.
We all fall.
We all suffer.
And we all need some solace now and then.

True deep connections survive the crucible.
They transform and accept mistakes, shortcomings, misgivings, and misunderstandings.

When we relax and flow and let things naturally be what they are, life provides.
There is no need to feel poor.
Wealth is all around waiting.

Recently there has been much talk about intention and it’s power.
In many ways this is good, but people of the west tend to be very irresponsible in the way in which they present this material.
I especially feel this way about videos such as ‘The Secret’.
There is no talk of the fact that all desire leads to suffering.
There is no talk about the role of ego.
There is not talk about negative vs.. positive.
There is no talk about the emptiness.
In truth, what “The Secret” is talking about is just as much about black magic as it is white.
ALL intention is based in the EGO.
It must be so, because it it’s the individual telling existence that what existence is providing is not god enough for you. You want more. It is in a very real sense, greed.
It is you telling the cosmos that you know better than the whole of creation what is needed and what is good.
It is completely and utterly based on a distrust of existence.

Here, I am going to quote Osho from his book “Only One Sky – On the Tantric Way of Tilopa’s Song of Mahamudra”:

“…Things are just the physical part of thoughts, and thoughts are the mental part of things.
Because of this fact, because thoughts are things, many miracles happen.
If a person continuously thinks about you and your welfare, it will happen - because he is throwing a continuous force at you.
That is why blessings are useful, helpful. If you can be blessed by someones who has attained no-mind, the blessing is going to be true – because a man who never uses thought, accumulates thought energy, so whatever he says is going to be true.

In all Eastern traditions, before a person starts learning no-mind, techniques are given and much emphasis that he should stop being negative, because if you once attain to no-mind and your trend remains negative, you can become a dangerous force.
Before the no-mind is attained, one should become absolutely positive. That is the whole difference between white and black magic.
Black magic is nothing but a man who has accumulated thought energy without throwing his negativity beforehand. And white magic is nothing but a man who has attained to much thought energy, and has based his total being on positive attitude. The same energy with negativity is black: the same energy with positivity becomes white. A thought is a great force, it is a thing.”

There are no defined lines. It is all flowing, constantly shifting.
According to people such as Gregg Bradden, the power of intention is only born out of no-mind, out of emptiness. And it is transformed and brought life through positive visualization – seeing the state desired as already being the case.

I personally still have reservations about this power of intention stuff.
It all too easily meets the definition of the false religion of the antichrist for one thing.
Secondly it is based on selfishness.
Even your good intentions for another are YOUR intentions, not the intentions of that person, so in a very real sense , it is a mild act of violence, as it is seeking to impose one person’s reality onto another.
One cannot know the meaning of the experience.
Someone’s negative experience that you wish to heal may be exactly the experience they need to transcend something they are dealing with, something that they have to learn.
You may be short-circuiting their experience and doing them a disfavor rather than helping.
Believing that your good intentions are exactly what the other needs is in this case most definitely an act of self-righteousness – of saying that “I know what is good for you”
So, let the thoughts form, let the blessings flow, but let existence itself take care of the manifestation.
You are not in control, nor can you ever be.
Control is a sickness, a dis-ease. It is a dis-trust.
Control and mastery are not the same thing.
Do not try to control the wave, rather master your ability to ride it. To flow with it.
In this, one can find infinite artistry.
The only thing one has a right to control is one’s own awareness.
Anything other than that is an act against existence.
Our technologies are against existence for the most part, so we create a situation in which we are not in balance with nature and our natural systems.
It is not that technology is bad, but that the relationship which we give it is one of distrust.
It is created because we distrust nature, including our own.
It is not supplementary, but rather dominating and aggressively exploitive.

We must all be careful with the ‘spells’ we cast, the illusions we project, the things we seek.
We are all interconnected, and truth, awareness, and authenticity will help set us all free.
And rejoice
Otherwise you will simply find yourself in misery.

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  1. ZaneyZebra@gmail.comSun Jul 08, 05:43:00 PM MST

    I too have had these thoughts (on intent), but have not seen them expressed so clearly (or at all) anywhere else. Control, another bingo. And such a nice simple explanation of white/black magic! Getting into another's space, bingo. I agree ego is a maniac downward spiralling controller. However, I think the ego is necessary...for something and it would be bad to totally do away with it. Then I came across a Mahamudra yoga bk about using the ego as a base to transform...and it felt right somehow though I don't understand it entirely (I am not a real meditator:). I love truths expressed simply like this; the complex stuff gets too..complex. I think non-linear, which makes many concepts hard to understand unless expressed in a certain way - like yours! From your experience, what books/teachings have you found most helpful?