Sunday, December 03, 2006

changes and opportunities

New daily rituals, things rearranged.
A time of change.
I keep on reassuring myself that I flow with it.
That it is heading somewhere, even though all I can see is a big nothing.
The blank slate.
No fate.
The golden path?

Shouts an inner voice.
How do we deal with that which is unknown.
Then I chuckle to myself.
..What else is there?..
That which is known is already past.
It is not even NOW.
Then another voice chimes in..
..But we want things to go THIS way!..

I just want to rest for a moment, I swear!
Just a moment is all!
Yet life does not stop.

I have been painting and it has been meditative.
It takes me out of my mind, my overanalysis.
Yet I always come back to the thoughts.

Infected with this headspinning, heartpounding inspiration.
It is good.
I learn as I yearn.
Feel less taxed as I relax.
Let it be.
As is.
And let it grow
As it will

Doors opening.
I have been invited out of the foyer and down a corridor.
Just as I ask which door to take
Someone opens a door, and says
..hey man, come check this out
opportunity awaits for you..

Music flowing.
Guess the time has arrived.
Kindred souls
Appearing all around.
Tempering myself, not being overwhelmed,
overindulgent in emotions, expressions.
It can be difficult.
But with the tension comes all of the reward.
Tuning those strings.
To play my song.
Do you hear it in the breeze?
It calls for you.
Smacks you.
And lets you know you are alive.

A fire over-stoked can create too much smoke,
burn the fuel too fast.
A stead flow,
A gentle breeze
Tender prodding when needed to keep the coals red and glowing.
Tending the flame.

I see you with that iron rod.
Use it gently.
Yes you.
I know I need to be turned over now and then,
rearranged in relation to those I share my flame with.
I hold this flame and keep it alight for us.
Sit with me.
Enjoy the warmth.
Let my eyes shine in your direction
And see the fire behind them.
It burns for the Beloved
Whom I witness in you.

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