Wednesday, December 06, 2006

cycles of expansion

The bittasweet taste
It sits on my tongue
If for only an eternal moment

Long enough for me to recognize
That tender revitalizing
Which blooms at its center

The bitter just a shadow
A projection
A protective coating
Made of preconceived notions

Roll it around on your tongue long enough
And the bitterness dissolves
Leaving such a grand sensation

..OH HO HO!..

my heart shouts!
as the sensation awakens

Each time
The Goddess comes
And does her dance


Reminding me
Of the splendor
To which she gives birth

I get lost in the dance
Not unlike
A whirling dervish

These moments in time
Of intense focus on one
Bind me


Or is it all
A grand part
Of the dance
Of all dances?

I needlessly fight with it
Attempting to break free
All of the while
Remaining intensely focused
On possibilities
Unwilling to cast them
They multiply.
And I freeze in my tracks.
If only for just a moment.

But in this frozen moment
Awareness is birthed
Only to be understood
Once integrated.

I drop to a tight crouch
Like a collapsing star
And forget for a moment
That once I collapse
Back to center
I will go


Like breath
In .. out
Back .. forth
Contract .. expand



Sight beyond sight
Available when I allow it
When I do not impose
Intention and desire.

Goals destroying the now
Ensnaring one in futures
That do not exist
False destiny
The shunning of response-ability
Of freedom
For safety
And the ability
To find Prescient sight.

..To know the future is to be enslaved by it...

When we get so caught up
In what we think we should do
We do not recognize
The truth that is


My polarities
And process
Twist me

Seems that each time
I forget
For just a little while

Can come slowly
And then, all of a sudden,



I am reminded of why I chose
As a master example

In love
I do not lose

Because there is nothing to be lost.
Only that to be shared

Once touched
Once energies mingle
They are eternally entangled

Quantum non-locality
Is what the scientists wish to call it.
But that is only one
of the many names

Devotion runs deep
When connections are made
It is my

If you have been caught
In the deepest of my gazes
You know
Not through my words
But through experience

I may have overwhelmed
Stepped all over your boundaries
Sometimes, even I do not know
The devices I am playing
Until we look back
And laugh
All the wiser

Seemingly chaotic
A little bit crazy
But I DO know what I am doing
Although not always consciously
And it is exactly as it should be

I had been led away
From trusting myself
And my perceptions
My intuition.
Too many times

But I am learning
To trust myself
At times seemingly over-dramatic
Playing with my own emotions
Letting them flow freely in me
Discovering their tastes
Their nourishment

Emotion is not a trap
But being a slave to it is

Without it,
Can we still call ourselves

The subtle balance
Inner .. outer
Mind .. body .. spirit
Me .. you
Individual .. community
Love .. friendship
Devotion .. freedom
New vision .. surrender
Doing - being

I see more than you imagine
And what you think is my imagination
May really be closer to the truth
Than you want it to be

Thinking I do not recognize
That which is under your mask


If you only knew

i do not need
But for a few primal things
The necessities
Of the flesh

But there are wants that come and go
And I try not to judge them
Rather to embrace them
And recognize them
So they can be transformed
Either through action
Or through inner awareness

Being human
I falter
As do all

I ache for a playmate
A lover
As is natural
I am not wrong for doing so
And I am not wrong in expressing
When I find someone I wish to play with

The number of fellow seekers in my life
Constantly expands
Enriching everything
And I welcome it.

Know that my expression
Of possible intimacies
Is not a static state
It is ever changing
And all whom have taken that chance
And danced that dance with me
Have always returned
If only to say
..Thank you..
And to allow me a chance
To do the same.

I do not say this boastfully
But as an expression of
And as a barometer
Of my truth

One thing is for sure
My love in unceasing
Once you have come through my door
It is forever open to you

Do not hesitate

I will never cease to surprise

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