Wednesday, January 31, 2007

flower of transformation

The dance of the flower in the wind, in the sun, in the rain, cannot be understood by the head; the heart has to be open for it.- Osho

It is such a subtle and dangerous thing, this dance of the flower.
For in it, there must also be the realization of the temporary nature of the flower.
Its life is limited.
For a moment it blooms, attracting love, connection and the creation of new life in the form of the seed which is to come and be the flower which follows.
But it will not be just one new flower, it will be many, as the seed takes root and grows into an entire new plant and system which will yield its own expression of individual flowers.
The head can get too caught up in the life of the one flower, and not see this connection, this flow that is life.
It is the dance of all things, but the head of the civilized human seems to be obsessed with denying this flow – with attempting to control it and be the god, the master of it.

It is only by first being in the heart that the connections can be made and the flowers can continue to bloom.
To allow the mind alone to attempt to control this flowering will so easily stunt this growth.
To be the master of the mind and use it as a tool of contemplation as well as to move beyond it into the silence – the sky in which the clouds of thought traverse – allows one to see the truth and flow with existence. The heart must be gone through first, otherwise, the mind cannot see anything but illusion and separation and it will tear the world apart into tiny bits to be measured and known in their dead state rather than in their living being.

All is needed for the growth of the flower.
Death to feed the soil, sun to feed the transmutation of base elements into the shell of life form, rain – storms – to give the tears of life which fill the body, the shell, and gives form to the body. Air, the freedom of the currents of invisible elements and energies brings the breath of life, the very fuel which feeds the transmutaion.
Without any of these things, the flower will not reach it’s full beauty and its dance will not reach the higher levels of ecstasy, of gnosis, of experiencing the all that is.

Too much of any of these things will also harm the growth of the flower.
Too many tears, too much heat from the sun, air that is too cold or hot…
All of these things can take away life from the flower.

We can fashion our surroundings, the “garden” – which can be defined as any human influenced and controlled environment, an environment not exclusively ruled by natural chance – but it must be done in tune, in resonance with nature’s ebb and flow.
To do otherwise does not only create more work and less sustenance in the long run (and a negative equation in terms of energy spent for energy gained), but is in itself an act of war against nature and the very cycles and flow of life which has given rise to our ability to contemplate and witness it.

The gift of this ability to contemplate has been given to us by this nature – call it god, call it existence, call it life, call it evolution, it does not matter.
Whatever its name, it is all the same. We have been given our very existence by it.
We did not create ourselves by choice.

It is in accepting the gift we have been given that we can begin to bloom and dance.
If we have resentment for the gift, if we see it as a curse, we cannot see the beauty that is around us. Our eyes become clouded with our anger and distrust.

Considering that civilized human has created the framework in which we live in a way which is at odds with this natural flow, it is only to be expected that there will be great pains in finding this flow and manifesting it on our lives.

At many junctures we have to go against it in order to provide food and shelter for ourselves and to seek the very nourishment we need to get back into the flow.
This is where the technology and mindset of transmutation, the art and science of the alchemist can become a very wise and useful tool.
To simply refuse to use the raw materials, the base matter that is provided by civilization, by the society, is to cut off ones roots prematurely.
It is understandable once one sees the flow that this desire for disconnection from the illness occurs.

I myself have done this - cutting roots in the name of ideas, of philosophies, and it has left me without some of the raw materials which would now provide the base elements for the seeds I have been germinating to grow.
So the roots seek out wider, farther.
Yet the soil I am in has as much richness as any, if I only know how to transmute, to transform it. I could have made the situation easier if I had not cut roots before, but the potential for the growth is still there, it is just a more difficult process.
The lead can be turned to gold once one finds the proper technique, and each flower has its own way of finding this transformation.

There is no one way which is right and proper for all.
This is why we cannot teach each other truth, we can only hint at it and share our own experiences of it.
We are all created and maintained by our own paths and ways of transmuting the world into the place we want to put our roots, the place we wish to flower and dance.

So let us shed out pollen as we dance and sway in the wind, and make the most of what we have, creating beauty out of all that we find ourselves rooted in.
It is our nature.
We are all flowers, artists, creating our lives and our shared world as we transform what we are given into what we want to be.
So why not make it all beautiful?
Why not celebrate life in all of its manifestations?
This is the only way to be whole.
One must accept it all.
It is the only way.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Raw Power Elixir

See her
Rolling in
With thunderous might?

She shakes my branches

Dangerous delight!

Her eyes,
Pierce my skies
Cracked open wide

Filling me with light.

Riding the currents
sea & sky
Across great waters
O'er old Atlantis
Hearts fly.

Heads roaring
Souls growing

A virtual arrival.
I'd been waiting
To see you rising
O'er eastern skies

Revealed through
Electric lines
Phantom & Feline


The Feline

Hidden things

Like Phantoms

With clear wide eyes

Recognizing the art
Which the Phantom possesses:




The deepest part




He greets her






Welcome home.