Monday, August 13, 2007


Having just finished Sandworms of Dune, I have to say that it is good to see Duncan Idaho, who I have always felt to be the main character of the Dune books, finally gets his due! No spoilers beyond that, my friends.....
I have to say that Brian Herbert and kevin Anderson did an excellent job tying together the different eras and storylines of the Dune universe.
Bravo guys. Can hardly wait for Paul of Dune.


I’ve been a bit remiss on keeping up with my blog for quite awhile now, so I figured it is probably time for me to get with it a bit more again.
Maybe it is sparked by a recent blog comment asking what books I have read that have helped me along the way.

I’ve personally found that there have been certain books that have been “keys of understanding” and opened up my ability to think and understand in a more multi-dimensional and critical way.

One of the most important and core things to understand and get the most out of even the trashiest media is the use of language, image, and metaphor.
When one begins to also look at the underlying psychologies behind differing perspectives one soon begins to see that there is a basic SAMENESS to the core of many opposing views.
the same tactics and mental gymnastics and need to control present themselves over and over and we keep hearing terms such as “civilization” as if there is just one version and one way in which that concept and form of human organization can exist.
We live in a time where scientists do not usually speak in scientific terms, but rather use religious language and the attitude of zealotry in order to coerce the populace to see the world in their terms.
We are seeing priestly casts on all levels of understanding – we still have not escaped that kind of psychological slavery.
on the most simple level, it is easy to observe how in almost any argument, the participants will almost immediately fall into arguing within the framework of a “this or that” mentality, as if there are always only 2 options.
This rampant manifestation of Dualism is both regressive and a roadblock to truth and deep dialogue.

So, before I go off on that tangent, I’d rather start this new series of posts by starting to present the books that have helped me wipe the blur from my eyes.

Over time I will share and explain a bit of the understanding that I gained from some of the books, the basic ideas, and some of the unexpected ideas which struck me most and have stayed with me.

I’ll first go back to the mid nineties to the first time I really found myself CONSCIOUSLY choosing books which were of a more esoteric or new idea/new science focus.
If there is a particular author I have found to have multiple books to be interesting I will try to cover them all in one post when possible and explain what I have come to personally feel about the authors.

Stay tuned…