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bliss bunnies are really scaredy cats

“To the sinful and vicious, I may appear to be evil. But to the good – beneficent am I.” – Mirza Khan, Ansari

I’m troubled by ‘bliss bunnies’.
There are those out there that seek nothing but happiness, that shun the troubling times and challenges that come their way. They tend to not want to face the things that do not meet the criteria of what they believe their lives SHOULD be.
We seem to be moving into a culture in which this kind of mania is being fed wholeheartedly through movies and books such as “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and “The Secret.”
I’ve fallen for the ruse myself for brief periods, yet always in the back of my mind and in my heart I have questioned what these type of beliefs represent.
Mind you, I am not against these movies/books, but am very troubled by the overly simplistic understanding that many come to after watching or reading them.
Somehow, instead of coming to understanding the simple message of personal empowerment and awareness which can be gleamed from these things, many come away with a warped view of material reality and the natural balance which occurs within it.
There is a growing belief that HUMANS can create the world and universe in whichever way they choose. A belief that as long as one is “following their bliss” that they can do no harm to others and that all is good.

I would suggest that this is one of the most crass and idiotic notions of modern times.
It tends to completely ignore the balance that is inherent in all things. It is a strictly humanist and ‘divine right’ minded viewpoint. (one could even argue through the language of Christian simile and metaphor that this represents the religion of the AntiChrist, as it most definitely fits the description of being "the religion of man"- it puts the self before all else, just as Lucifer supposedly behaved and lost his positon of highest favor for doing - it takes more balls to be humble than it will ever take to be an arrogant self-serving narcissist. and if one wants to argue that it does NOT put the self first, then i ask you what it means to impose your version of reality on a shared world without regard to the visions of others, a rather subversively violent act.)

Many try to pretend that it is a loving and caring way of being, that it intends and imposes no harm on other human beings or the world, yet if we look all around us, we notice that we are continually eroding the equilibrium of the very foundation of our fleshly existence.

Sure, one can suppose that we are spirits inhabiting flesh, but it is wrong to ignore the flesh/material part of the equation.

So many pretend that their riches come at no expense to others. I must clarify at this point that I am decidedly NOT a humanist, as I believe it to be an arrogant, species centered way of viewing the cosmos. I do NOT believe that the entire world and cosmos exist solely for the spiritual growth and realization of the human alone.
We have let our minds and rationality turn us into egocentric fools, raping everything in sight, including the pillaging of religious systems and scientific thought with the intention of proving our righteousness.

To me, this is the ultimate violent act, as it cloaks itself as holiness while demeaning the great work of the ages and the expansive understanding to which all those who seek will find an open door.

It would be excessively time consuming and rather oversimplistic for me to give specific examples of how varying ways of ‘seeking bliss’ create suffering for others. The situation is further complicated by the fact that monetary issues have becme completely abstracted and a product of the human mind – where value of money, work, service, etc. have reached a point of total abstraction and are determined by a very few elite, supposedly educated individuals and organizations within the dominant cultures of our time.

The so called ‘free market’ is not really free when there is a pyramid hierarchy controlling it with non participating investors relying on their future livelihood (i.e. retirement) on the profits of a system which is built on the psychology of rape and exploitation.

Instead of details I am providing an exercise.

One which will hopefully help people be able to come to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with the whole cosmos. One which will help take our daily lives and all that we ingest – be it food, products, culture, religion, etc. – and bring these things out of abstraction and acceptance through ignorance and oversimplification and into the realm of connection and understanding the larger more integrated dynamic and true cost of how we live.

It is very simple, yet something that will take much practice and focus.
It may call upon research for those questions which cannot be answered, and I ask each and every one of you to not simply stop when those questions come, but to find the answers so that you can take the next step.

Many secularly minded people and those who are turned off by the idea of religion or something more than the physical will possibly have a problem with the semantics of this exercise, but I ask you to think of the words as exactly that –words – representations of archetypal ideals or ways of thought. Rationalists tend to not want to admit it, but not everything in existence fits within the realm of the rational. This MUST be accepted to come to any kind of meaningful experience of life. Anything less is limiting and turning oneself into a machine. So, left-brainers and right-brainers alike, open up that channel between the two hemispheres and start making your path towards balance.

I promise you that it is worth every pain and effort you will face.
It shall be infinitely more rewarding that abstract and oversimplified “bliss seeking”

The exercise:

Growing up as a Roman Catholic, we always said grace before eating our meals. It was simple and meaningless the way it was done. It did not really bring any type of understanding as to what we were doing or what we had actually been given. It was a surface phenomenon which was very much based in the feudal mindset of accepting the gift of the master with no questions asked. As if we were not worthy of the food and/or gifts before us. While I understand the dynamics of certain rituals being used in order to maintain a state of humility, in my actual experience, this ritual did not serve this function. Not one single time did I ever feel humble or part of a greater existence due to saying grace in this way. The technology simply did not serve its intended purpose in the way in which it was meant to.

It was nothing more than a reptilian brain pattern ritual which was said and experienced without any true meaning. Sure, there may have been the overly simplified thought of “God gave us this food”, but the concept was so abstracted and oversimplified as to be meaningless. What is God? This food was obviously not simply given to us magically, so where did it come from? These questions were nowhere even close to reaching the surface in my experience at that time.

A few years ago, I felt that I finally began to understand a bit about what was really being aimed for with this ritual, and how utterly the ritual which I had been given as a child had failed me and most likely many of the others who perpetuate it in this overly simplified form. I began to realize how I personally could make this ritual meaningful and through that action create an ever increasing understanding of my relationship with all of ‘God’s’ creation and the cosmos.

I began to start to go backwards, to follow the creative process in reverse and ask the questions which I had so obviously missed as a child.

In it’s most simple form the question can exist as “What did it take to bring this thing or experience that is before me to this point in which it currently exists?”

Where did the food come from? How did it grow? What was the situation and cultural setting of those who did all of the labor to create this? What was involved in getting it to my table in terms of transportation? Packaging? Fuel? Roads? Airplanes? Farmers? The tools and technologies of each stage of the process? How much energy was used? What was the relationship and attitude towards the bigger picture and the world and biosystem as a whole at each stage of this process? Was it a profane, exploitive relationship with the world or a sacred grateful attitude?

I picture the plants growing,the seeds being sown, the previous generation being fertilized (or the horror of genetically modified seeds which are patented in the egotistical mindset that corporations have the right to own life), etc.

This exercise can be practiced in regards to anything. Even to how you ended up reading these very words.

I just realized that there is a very similar exercise to this mentioned second (or third or fourth…) hand in Robert Anton Wilson’s wonderful book “Prometheus Rising” which I highly recommend for those wishing to understand how their own consciousness works.

The reason I feel that this exercise is so important is because it sews threads.
It helps us connect to the world around us and helps us to understand REAL COST.
Cost is not monetary. The money is always only a representation of something else.

I’d like to end this post by briefly returning to the topic of “What the Bleep…” and “The Secret”. The problem I have with these movies is that they pay no heed to the internal makeup of the viewer. Giving such technologies to people who are not yet developed enough, who have not done the HEART work which is required BEFORE the headwork, is just as likely to create demons as it is enlightened individuals.

It was a long path to get there, and very troubling, but I have come to understand why esoteric orders and certain mystical hierarchies do exist. It is not to control individuals as much as it is to guide them, to allow these technologies to be trickled down to newer seekers by those who have already EXPERIENCED. It is not about dogma, it is more like a matter of safety of the individual.

Many who practice magik already know this, and quite possibly have felt the horror of overwhelming oneself by moving forward too quickly.

Then head.
Selflessness first, then vision.
Otherwise it is all too likely that one ends up behaving like a cancer cell.
We have enough world eaters already.

I do not disavow or feel that there is nothing of value in the two movies I mentioned, but rather, that it is extremely important to understand that these are merely shallow primers.

They lack the true depth that is needed for healthy and balanced integration of the technologies which they present.
We are still taking baby steps here in the west. Best we always remember that.
We have a lot of work to do. Especially inner work.
Otherwise, we’ll end up eating ourselves and all of our fellow plants and animals out of house and home while we seek nothing more than an escape.
If we cannot manage to be at peace and make the most within a balanced relationship in this material world we are in, how can we even begin to consider that we deserve something ‘higher’?

Be very careful, as your search for escape can all too readily become your Ultimate Entrapment.

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