Friday, February 29, 2008

trippin balls

recent news from Canyonlands Island in the Sky as reported on the NPS Morning Report page...

(oh Blair, look what you missed by having to leave already!)

Canyonlands National Park (UT)
Drug Overdose Results In Charges

On February 23rd at around 3:30 P.M., a male individual called 9-1-1 from his cell phone and stated that his friend was having a medical emergency. The individual could provide only vague information as to their location within the park. The Grand County Sheriff’s Office dispatched an ambulance from Moab and notified rangers at the Island-In-The-Sky District. Rangers began a search of the roads in the district.

Rangers Eric Paul and Sam Flournoy were soon flagged down by the individual, who was driving toward the visitor center with his friend in the passenger seat. The male passenger was extremely agitated and uncooperative. Rangers Kevin Moore and James Herbaugh quickly arrived at the scene and investigation revealed that the passenger had taken LSD. Rangers, assisted by a maintenance worker, restrained the passenger until the ambulance arrived and he was secured for transport. Ranger Herbaugh accompanied the paramedics in the ambulance to the hospital in Moab.

Rangers Moore and Paul hiked with the driver to a viewpoint approximately one and a half miles from the Lathrop Trailhead. Along the way, they collected numerous articles of clothing which had been discarded by the passenger, who later admitted to taking nine hits of LSD. The passenger was held overnight at the hospital and released the following day. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance, being under the influence of a controlled substance and interfering with agency functions (resisting).
[Submitted by Denny Ziemann, Canyonlands/Arches National Parks Chief Park Ranger]

Monday, February 25, 2008


SO, things are picking up here at the park, and i have to say, i kinda feel like escaping.
winter season was cake. no worries about the park cars and who was using them, if i was roving actual trails or back country, and no countdown to my last day, which, by the way, is going to be March 15th.
My housing situation in Moab is up in the air. Still have plenty of job opportunities though - but I am really hoping for a position at the Boulder Mountain Lodge. in Boulder UT.
It will take me more into the middle of nowhere and be a more relaxing situation, I do believe. not that i feel it will not be work, but that when i am done with my workday, it will be a place of peace and quiet, away from everything.

Blair's last day here was on Friday, and early saturday morning i drove up to the intersection of 191 and 313 (which goes to canyonlands)to bid her farewell for summer.
It is tough. I already miss her immensely.
Really wishing we would have recognized our connection and feelings towards each other sooner.
I am really looking forward to exploring our relationship further in fall (and over summer at a distance, of course)
Never before have i felt so much respect and admiration for a woman.
my heart is leaping out of my chest every time i think of her or read the lovely words she writes me.
I feel such a loss being away from her.
Amazing how one really incredible week of bonding can reach so deeply, as if it was something always meant to be and simply waiting for us to see it.

I'd thought I might have found an arch a few days ago, but unfortunately, it has been documented. It's not in the printed books yet, but it is in our digital database.
oh well, time to hunt some more.
hard to believe i may only be in moab for a few more weeks though.
i feel a kind of tension in me, wondering what is going to happen, how and when i will be going to get noona, etc.
I'm wishing i could just take off to Florida to be with Blair.
all else seems quite secondary right now.
I know it will take a bit of time to readjust and to get back into the groove of having my time to myself for now, and i know i will manage.
there is still the book to write, art to make, music to play...
love letters to send...
here's to life, love and new opportunities!

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Best Direction

Spending time with Blair this week has been so utterly amazing it is beyond words.
It solidifies more and more the decision to move to Portland with her.
I feel no doubts or mistrust.
matter of fact, I am experiencing a bonding which I have searched a lifetime for.
hearing words which are intoxicating without being cryptic or misleading.
I feel a sense of 'home' in a woman which i am finding myself so immensely intrigued by, inspired by, and have the utmost respect for.

Unfortunately, tonight is the last time i will be seeing her for quite awhile, as she leaves to go back to Florida for a good part of the summer.
It will be a time of self cultivation and of saving resources for what is to come with our new life.
While bittersweet, I do look forward to the challenge and know full well that i can face it with no qualms as I have faced so many challenges in the past that have felt even more demanding and quixotic.

This new love feels clear and healthy.Immediately there is a depth there.
We cannot stop smiling when together, even during deep intellectual and philosophical conversations.
I hear words come from her mouth which I am only used to hearing from my own.
Each other's concepts and intended meanings almost immediately understood without explanation.

From my flow has come a direction...of the best kind...towards an intimate love built on learning, loving, exploring, inspiring, believing.

As refreshing as a (dare i be cliche) clear mountain spring. hehe

This desert has burned away the past dramas to leave me ready for this. even if the desert winter is cold.
the simple and elegant landscape has cleared my mind and heart and made me ready for this.

It's probably not wise or right to put into words the thoughts and feelings that are flowing through me to their fullest.
there is time for that.
as new love slowly blossoms to give off the finest fragrance.

Even if it is still cold and there is still snow, for me, spring has sprung!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Unexpected Turns of Excellence

So, I'm at a party out at Canyonlands Isky on Friday, at Blair and Sara's, and having a great time.
It's always a great time over there, matter of fact, I wish it was closer to Arches than 30 some odd miles away.
So, anyway... I hear the wonderful news from Blair that she has been accepted to Louis and Clark Univ. in Portland Oregon for her masters program in International Environmental Law. Now, it IS the 10th school she has been accepted to, which in itself says how brilliant she is. :)
This one is actually 'courting' her - making an effort to get her there, and well,
then all of a sudden she is making an effort to get me to move to Portland with her!
from out of nowhere...well, I'd always felt a connection with her that we'd yet to truly express...but here , all of a sudden comes a new opportunity that is immensely rich and exciting.
The more we talked, the more I felt it would be the right thing to do. The more we discovered how much we connect. The more we discovered how excited about it we are.

The bittersweet part is that she is done with her SCA term at the end of this week and moves back to Florida for summer.
But nice & slow is sometimes the very best way to go.
I'm feeling no doubts about this, which is an amazing feeling.

There is something just so intrinsically RIGHT about it.
just wishing the recognition of the connection would have blossomed sooner i guess.
but hey, it has now, just in the nick of time.
and that in and of itself is a great gift.
yep, even just the moments and feelings and content of our last few conversations.
such a wonderful beautiful thing.
Thanks for the invite Blair, I am so there with ya.

now I just need to figure out the time between now and then....
but that's another story.

Friday, February 08, 2008

shake it up a bit and see where things fall

things have gone from calm to confusing over the last few days, but are settling.
I was informed that an SCA position at the Canyonlands Needles District opened up at the last minute for spring. One of my Supes passed on my info and for a moment i thought about doing it.
But then came the warnings from former Needles employees...
Micromanagement, overly formal, and always watching...
I wonder if they know that they have this reputation down there?
It is a truly beautiful place. I had thought about taking this position back in fall when i had gone and camped & day hiked down there.
I decided to pass on it due to multiple reasons.
Firstly, that I am anxious to have my sweet Noona back, although it is a bit difficult to work out teh dynamics of exactly how that is going to happen.
She is in Minneapolis with my wonderful friend Patricia and her sister.
I'm probably going to have to try to schedule time off from Arches or whatever new job I get after here in order to make the drive to get her.
The unfortunate part is that I do not think I will have enough time to hang out there with Patty like I would want to. It will be a grueling drive which i will have to attempt to make over the course of 3 days, or if i am lucky, 4.

Then there is the housing situation...
Since Shea got into town at the beginning of February, he needed to get a place right away, so it looks like we will not be rooming least not until july, when his lease there is up.
Luckily, Murray, my supervisor here at the park, has an extra room that he has thought about renting and which he told me would most likely be available to me if things did not work out with Shea.
Noona is just going to have to learn to live with a dog.

I've been updating my resume and writing cover letters, and decided that i am not really thrilled at the thought of working at a bar again, so i think i am going to look for something else.

It is great to have Shea and Kiersa back in town. I always enjoy hanging with them.
My new roomate Sue is alright, quiet and keeps to herself mostly.

It will be interesting to see how everything develops over the next month.
Wish me luck, and if you ever felt like buying one of my paintings and have yet to do is the time! haha

Saturday, February 02, 2008

new ideas about my art

So, over the last few weeks I have become increasingly inspired by the works of a my wonderful friend Ania Wojtczak


""Out of Mist"

and also by the works of Devakrishna Marco Giollo

"Work 105"

"Work 117"

(the works i have shown as examples here are exactly that, examples, and not necessarily specific works of theirs which i find to be directly inspirational. they both have quite a few works i resonate with)

I have decided to no longer paint on canvas. I had started to make a move towards using recovered wood panels, and i have to say that i do not want to go back.
I am feeling more at home with earthen tones, especially since moving to canyon country.
I'm also going to start to create my own mediums, probably oil based, utilizing pigments ground from the sedimentary layers of earth available to me here along with other nature based hand created pigments and dyes as well as found nature or entropic objects.
I am not sure what forms the new works will take in terms of image and/or size, but am anxious to see.
stay tuned for more....