Friday, February 22, 2008

The Best Direction

Spending time with Blair this week has been so utterly amazing it is beyond words.
It solidifies more and more the decision to move to Portland with her.
I feel no doubts or mistrust.
matter of fact, I am experiencing a bonding which I have searched a lifetime for.
hearing words which are intoxicating without being cryptic or misleading.
I feel a sense of 'home' in a woman which i am finding myself so immensely intrigued by, inspired by, and have the utmost respect for.

Unfortunately, tonight is the last time i will be seeing her for quite awhile, as she leaves to go back to Florida for a good part of the summer.
It will be a time of self cultivation and of saving resources for what is to come with our new life.
While bittersweet, I do look forward to the challenge and know full well that i can face it with no qualms as I have faced so many challenges in the past that have felt even more demanding and quixotic.

This new love feels clear and healthy.Immediately there is a depth there.
We cannot stop smiling when together, even during deep intellectual and philosophical conversations.
I hear words come from her mouth which I am only used to hearing from my own.
Each other's concepts and intended meanings almost immediately understood without explanation.

From my flow has come a direction...of the best kind...towards an intimate love built on learning, loving, exploring, inspiring, believing.

As refreshing as a (dare i be cliche) clear mountain spring. hehe

This desert has burned away the past dramas to leave me ready for this. even if the desert winter is cold.
the simple and elegant landscape has cleared my mind and heart and made me ready for this.

It's probably not wise or right to put into words the thoughts and feelings that are flowing through me to their fullest.
there is time for that.
as new love slowly blossoms to give off the finest fragrance.

Even if it is still cold and there is still snow, for me, spring has sprung!

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