Friday, February 08, 2008

shake it up a bit and see where things fall

things have gone from calm to confusing over the last few days, but are settling.
I was informed that an SCA position at the Canyonlands Needles District opened up at the last minute for spring. One of my Supes passed on my info and for a moment i thought about doing it.
But then came the warnings from former Needles employees...
Micromanagement, overly formal, and always watching...
I wonder if they know that they have this reputation down there?
It is a truly beautiful place. I had thought about taking this position back in fall when i had gone and camped & day hiked down there.
I decided to pass on it due to multiple reasons.
Firstly, that I am anxious to have my sweet Noona back, although it is a bit difficult to work out teh dynamics of exactly how that is going to happen.
She is in Minneapolis with my wonderful friend Patricia and her sister.
I'm probably going to have to try to schedule time off from Arches or whatever new job I get after here in order to make the drive to get her.
The unfortunate part is that I do not think I will have enough time to hang out there with Patty like I would want to. It will be a grueling drive which i will have to attempt to make over the course of 3 days, or if i am lucky, 4.

Then there is the housing situation...
Since Shea got into town at the beginning of February, he needed to get a place right away, so it looks like we will not be rooming least not until july, when his lease there is up.
Luckily, Murray, my supervisor here at the park, has an extra room that he has thought about renting and which he told me would most likely be available to me if things did not work out with Shea.
Noona is just going to have to learn to live with a dog.

I've been updating my resume and writing cover letters, and decided that i am not really thrilled at the thought of working at a bar again, so i think i am going to look for something else.

It is great to have Shea and Kiersa back in town. I always enjoy hanging with them.
My new roomate Sue is alright, quiet and keeps to herself mostly.

It will be interesting to see how everything develops over the next month.
Wish me luck, and if you ever felt like buying one of my paintings and have yet to do is the time! haha

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