Monday, February 25, 2008


SO, things are picking up here at the park, and i have to say, i kinda feel like escaping.
winter season was cake. no worries about the park cars and who was using them, if i was roving actual trails or back country, and no countdown to my last day, which, by the way, is going to be March 15th.
My housing situation in Moab is up in the air. Still have plenty of job opportunities though - but I am really hoping for a position at the Boulder Mountain Lodge. in Boulder UT.
It will take me more into the middle of nowhere and be a more relaxing situation, I do believe. not that i feel it will not be work, but that when i am done with my workday, it will be a place of peace and quiet, away from everything.

Blair's last day here was on Friday, and early saturday morning i drove up to the intersection of 191 and 313 (which goes to canyonlands)to bid her farewell for summer.
It is tough. I already miss her immensely.
Really wishing we would have recognized our connection and feelings towards each other sooner.
I am really looking forward to exploring our relationship further in fall (and over summer at a distance, of course)
Never before have i felt so much respect and admiration for a woman.
my heart is leaping out of my chest every time i think of her or read the lovely words she writes me.
I feel such a loss being away from her.
Amazing how one really incredible week of bonding can reach so deeply, as if it was something always meant to be and simply waiting for us to see it.

I'd thought I might have found an arch a few days ago, but unfortunately, it has been documented. It's not in the printed books yet, but it is in our digital database.
oh well, time to hunt some more.
hard to believe i may only be in moab for a few more weeks though.
i feel a kind of tension in me, wondering what is going to happen, how and when i will be going to get noona, etc.
I'm wishing i could just take off to Florida to be with Blair.
all else seems quite secondary right now.
I know it will take a bit of time to readjust and to get back into the groove of having my time to myself for now, and i know i will manage.
there is still the book to write, art to make, music to play...
love letters to send...
here's to life, love and new opportunities!

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