Monday, February 18, 2008

Unexpected Turns of Excellence

So, I'm at a party out at Canyonlands Isky on Friday, at Blair and Sara's, and having a great time.
It's always a great time over there, matter of fact, I wish it was closer to Arches than 30 some odd miles away.
So, anyway... I hear the wonderful news from Blair that she has been accepted to Louis and Clark Univ. in Portland Oregon for her masters program in International Environmental Law. Now, it IS the 10th school she has been accepted to, which in itself says how brilliant she is. :)
This one is actually 'courting' her - making an effort to get her there, and well,
then all of a sudden she is making an effort to get me to move to Portland with her!
from out of nowhere...well, I'd always felt a connection with her that we'd yet to truly express...but here , all of a sudden comes a new opportunity that is immensely rich and exciting.
The more we talked, the more I felt it would be the right thing to do. The more we discovered how much we connect. The more we discovered how excited about it we are.

The bittersweet part is that she is done with her SCA term at the end of this week and moves back to Florida for summer.
But nice & slow is sometimes the very best way to go.
I'm feeling no doubts about this, which is an amazing feeling.

There is something just so intrinsically RIGHT about it.
just wishing the recognition of the connection would have blossomed sooner i guess.
but hey, it has now, just in the nick of time.
and that in and of itself is a great gift.
yep, even just the moments and feelings and content of our last few conversations.
such a wonderful beautiful thing.
Thanks for the invite Blair, I am so there with ya.

now I just need to figure out the time between now and then....
but that's another story.

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