Saturday, March 01, 2008

Boulder, UT, here i come!

Welcome to Boulder (UT)

so...went to check out the Boulder Mountain Lodge on Wednesday...
super sweet spot. looks like i will be working thee for summer.
May try to work at the Hell's Backbone Grill a few nights a week as well.
when not working hard, I will be playing hard, as there are seemingly infinite hiking possibilities in the area.

Looks like i will be renting from one of the maintenance guys named Eddie for a couple of hundred a month.
that means low expenses and an easy time saving up bread for my end of summer move to Portland with Blair.

There is a small general store/gas station in town that has a decent amount of organic food goodies and is attached to a bakery that makes fire oven pizza.
but to go to a grocery store I will have to drive 28 miles to Escalante to the SW via HWY 12- a drive i will not mind at all as it is one of the most beautiful drives I have ever made.

only 10 more days at Arches...last day is March 11th
so surreal!

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