Tuesday, March 11, 2008

last day

so, it is my last day working at Arches National Park.
It has been an amazing time and a truly wonderful crew to work with.

in half an hour I will be done with my last shift behind the information desk, then it is time to make my big hike up to Satori Rock, where I will place my broken walking stick as an offering of thanks to the spirits of this land.
Satori Rock, as I call it, Sits like a buddha above the north end of the Petrified Dunes, a lone spire of Dewey Bridge Member red sandstone.

looking NE towards Satori Rock

I know i will be back here to visit, but it's time for the next adventure.

I hit the road thursday to go get Noona in Minneapolis.
an extra special thanks to Patty and Elizabeth for taking care of her for me.
then it is back in this direction and on to Boulder, UT.
I should arrive there around the 18th or 19th.

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