Tuesday, May 06, 2008

short and simple

One thing i have noticed reccurring over and over is the fact that Europeans do not tip.
well, i know it cannot be made as a blanket statement, but it seems to be true for the majority of Europeans.
I know that many people would make an excuse, that they do not have to tip within their own culture, so they do not know better.
my question is this: how many Europeans complain that Americans are dense or stupid or ignorant and do not behave in a proper cultural manner when visiting European countries?
and if it is true that many Europeans think that way, then why would they ever believe that they have the right to come to another country and behave in teh very way which they complain about?
Isn't it their responsibility to uphold local customs?
if there is one pet peave I have developed in my life it is when people disallow others a form of behavior or way of being and then perform or live in said manner themselves.
Considering the current exchange values, one would think they could spare a buck or two in order to show some appreciation for the service given.

I remember hearing Alex Jones (who I am not exactly a fan of) ranting about how America is turning into a 3rd world service economy designed to serve Europe and the NWO elite.
Whether true or not, the fact that we are turning more into a service economy, mixed with the economic 'recession' and fewer Americans taking vacations this year, pretty much means that those working in the service industry which serves vacationers and tourists in general will be suffering.
The ratio of European Tourists is rising and if the tourist industry is relying on their money more than ever, that pretty much means that the people working in tourist industry jobs should expect to make less in tips this season.

What do you think?

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