Tuesday, September 02, 2008


So, the last post was a bit of a downer I guess.
i personally did not see it that way, i was simply taking account of the happenings of the earlier part of the year.
I'm one who does not really fear loss or trouble. over the years i have learned very well through experience how these things always make room for new life and new opportunities.
to be too attached to things is what causes the strife, and i have learned to be somewhat detached, not that i do not care, but that i am always coming to a deeper, fuller understanding of the nature of change.

so...to spin positive on the things that have happened so far this year...

- I'm living in an amazing place - beautiful and relatively stress free except for typical self created small town drama (created by others) that i tend to ignore.
- my laptop breaking allowed me to prove to myself that i could make the repair myself, and i did!
- losing my cellphone allowed me to get the one i really wanted in the first place, a rugged phone that is more fitting to my location and lifestyle.
- the dodge neon dying allowed me to get the first car i have owned myself since high school, an 87 AMC Eagle, which can get me to more places that i wish to go out here with its high clearance and 4 wheel drive capabilities.
- just recently started a second job at Hills & Hollows, the local general store, which is providing the opportunity to meet many many more of the locals, as well as interact more with tourists coming through.
- looks like i will be living in one of the lodge rooms for winter (rent free) since it will be really slow and there will not be many hours of work available.
this will give me plenty of time to create: art, photos, my book, etc. in preparation for next season.
- even though i am not moving to Portland with my wonderful friend Blair, I am lucky enough to have an ever growing and meaningful friendship with her which i simply thrive on! Truly an amazing and brilliant woman.

i am sure there are plenty of other things that i could come up with that are positive...
but heck, the point is to enjoy and live them, not to catalog them.

I am going to attempt to post more often 9as i have said so many times before)
maybe it will help me get more into the habit of writing and getting started on my book.
time will tell....

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