Sunday, November 02, 2008

365 review

tonite i went back and looked at the pictures that i took for the 365 days group on flickr back in late '06 and early '07.I did not finish the entire 365 days, but did make it over 200. the year of pics was interrupted by my camping/road trip through utah and the 4 corners area.
it is incredible how life changes, how we go through so much
i am amazed at how melodramatic i could get. I feel so much more balanced these days.
I've been a very lucky man in this life and have managed to bring some really great changes into my life over the past few years.
looking at those pics solidified it for me.
it is strange to look back at that life in Chicago.
I feel like i have matured so much since then.
some examples:
day 11 of 365

Day 123 of 365 days
you can check out the whole photo set here
and all of my photo sets here
tons and tons of hiking pics, graf pics, random city pics, life pics, etc....

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