Monday, November 17, 2008

new hikes

I was lucky enough to finally take my first hike on Boulder Mountain thanks to my wonderful friend Kandis. see her blogpost about it here including pics.
We hiked around the King's Pasture area.
a couple of days later, Kandis, Jess, Elizabeth and myself hiked out along Haymaker Bench to the south side of the big bluff/ledge that is between the main bench area and Boulder Creek. We found a route up to the top of the Bench but since the sun was setting, all of us but Jess backtracked and he hotfooted it over and down.
I plan on making my own way to the top eventually and exploring a bit up there, possibly doing some camping up there too.
anyway, here are some pics...

Boulder Mountain:






root spirit

Haymaker Bench:

view south over escalante river

top of 'the gallumph'


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