Saturday, November 01, 2008

Night Sky

The night sky overflowing
Pouring forth its milky stars
I gaze in wonder
Such bliss
This existence
Pouring into my Soul!

I weep for those moments
In which I had forgotten!
Alas, my heart swells
Like the sweetest overripe fruit.
The skin splitting and
Dripping with the sweet nectar
Of the Divine.

How did I ever lose sight of this?
Ah, 'twas so I could return and enjoy it
That much more!

The earthly guise of That Love
Flowers right here beside and inside of me
To have looked elsewhere was to be a fool.
For it is right here,
Reminding me
That all I need is to open
And be the
Love Love Love!

I can feel the warmth
Of that Loving Embrace
That Gift one cannot ask for
Which simply presents itself
In another Soul
Whom one is blessed enough
To share a moment,
even one glance!

There is not enough thanks in the world for that!

Yet I bow graciously,
Feeling the Divine Spark
Pass between us
And instill the warmth
Of that eternal blaze
In my Heart.

The thought of a cold winter fades.
There is no shortage of warmth here!
So, come sit by my fire,
And discover that it is not mine,
but Yours!
I'm just the hearth!
A spark of it has merely jumped here
So that You can witness
That which tends to hide in the self.

We'll tell stories of
The lived life
Ecstatic becoming
And sorrows of the heart.
Healing, Loving, Exploring.

Then, in that unmovable,
Unshakable silence,
We will take rest with
Divine smiles across our faces,
Knowing, that for a moment
We've touched Heaven.

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