Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ragged Cloak of Colors

The search,
Ah, yes! The search
Yet what are we searching for?
Better still, what am I searching for?
All around amusing!

A tear shed here and there,
But it is but a passing moment
In which I care
About that pain, that confusion
That all around illusion.

Are you confused too?
Say yes and we can laugh
Out loud at this holy mess!
Stumbling as we may
Hoping for that day
When a light shines on
That target – that destination
That place which we seek.

What is it you expect and see
Within me?
Are you sure you have
Sight to see?
Or maybe you mistake my moment
For something more
And try to keep score?

To do so is to commit yourself
To some misunderstanding
Of my meaning
Of my path
Of my temporary plight.

To read into it without asking
Now, that is a folly of which I must laugh!
For that laughter burns away the anger
Which I feel towards you
Wanting me to fit some role
Some outside definition
Of who I am.

I take these ragged pieces of
Experience good and bad
And rename them,
Reclaim them
And weave them into something
Not unlike my own homemade
Dervish cloak.
My mistakes and my grandest acts
Are equals – all adding a wider palette
Of colors to this garment.
How is it that you cannot gaze upon them
When it is I whom has to wear them!
Imagine it!
I am this being
Due to those actions
This living which I have done
Enriches my understanding.

Casting judgement on this from
Some high seat of simplicity
Will not do!
Walk by my side and see for yourself
How my eyes have been opened wider
With each and every ragged bit.
With each and every glorious jewel.

You will see how all too human
both you and I are!
Playing, praying, stumbling
Rising, crying, and laughing.

So let me digest.
Let it come to rest
And trust in this
My ability to cope
To grow
To know the fullness of life.

If you just once
Let go of that judgement,
That need to control
To be safe
You just might see that side
Of me which I refuse to hide
So why hide from it?

I’m just a simple soul,
Complex in color,
Trying to walk the path to the light.
Let me bring forth your compassion
I’ll show you mine without hesitation.

Those barriers do neither you nor I
One ounce of favor.
So let them disintegrate
And relax into this.
It’s just another color
Of my cloak.

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