Thursday, December 18, 2008

winter has come

so, my first winter in Boulder UT has officially started.
We got our first snow early in the week and it keeps coming.
Quite a sight for the eyes to behold.

The town is now so quiet.
people are gone. no tourists.
people not leaving their homes.
it is a time of reflection and inner work.
of creative projects.
of reconfiguring my life from the inside out.
this is the kind of time that reminds me of how complex i really am.
of how bored i can become by the simple.
yet at the same time i find great peace in the land here.

there is so much inside wanting to come out.
but it is not for this post, but for something or someone else.

here are a few pictures from early in the week before heavier snowfall.
more pictures to come soon....

my backyard

winter vibes.


a dusting of snow over lower calf creek canyon

lower calf creek canyon

part of Boulder

lower boulder

dry hollow

dry hollow

1 comment:

  1. very very nice. can you beleive the snow we woke up to today. I tried to ski to school, but once i got out to the main road it had been plowed and i had to walk the rest of the way. life is great, our playground in wonderful and beautiful, PERFECT if you ask me. have a great day