Friday, January 16, 2009

so far so good

As the crusted snow acts like some great mirror reflecting the glory of the sun, brightening this high desert winter and making one nearly go blind without a good pair of shades , I’ve been seeking out those few spots where the sun has burned through, warming the sandstone and melting away that gorgeous white and blue blanket.
Setting foot back on that slickrock after too many days of it being hidden by the snow feels refreshing, invigorating.
I find new colors, some flecked with amazing amounts of mica, sparkling like tiny little stars under that blazing Sol.

Although I’ve been missing those hills canyons and benches, I’ve been quite busy in my ‘cave’. New songs, new paintings, grinding sand and painting with it, figuring out how to ‘outline’ my book…all of these things keeping my mental, creative and spiritual energy flowing.

It’s been really quiet out here – yet at the same time, there is a more subtle noise, something unspoken, something invigorating.
A foreshadowing of spring fever, if you will.
I feel a bit like I am in a dream world. So many elements of my life seem a bit surreal these days.
Well, when doesn’t it?
reading a mixture of Robert Anton Wilson (Quantum Psychology), Tom Robbins (Wild Ducks Flying Backwards), Hazarat Inayat Khan (Mastery), Terry Tempest Williams (Red), as well as a book by David Darling on Teleportation has got my mind churning.
I always love how I come out of periods like this with a period of ‘digestion’ and integration.
Then a new chapter starts.
I feel some very interesting undercurrents.
How to behave towards them? Well that is something I am figuring out and sometimes feel like I should not be thinking about but rather letting unfold and acting naturally about.
Winter evolves and I feel like more is revealed as that snow melts away a little more each day.